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Sukhjit Singh. I'm Professor Singh Submit a Correction. Professor Singh's Top Tags. Gives good feedback Respected Caring Inspirational Skip class? You won't pass. Super nice guy. Cracks jokes all the time. Really wants you to succeed. He's the man. Flag this rating.
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He was awarded the Maha Vir Chakra , India's second highest award for gallantry, for his leadership and courage in facing the enemy during the Battle of Basantar in the Indo-Pakistani War of In the Battle of Basantar , Lt.
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They're very caring in some ways, but lack where it matters most. Take what you read with a grain of salt. I have been married to a doc for 31 years and just found out about an "emotional affair" that went on for 15 years she is a nurse. You will always be 2nd. Then be clear you will never convert. And here's an excellent video on the importance of religious freedom. They want a man who has navigated the stormy seas of the world, who has just a little bit of history, and has overcome the degenerate worldly culture, a man who has discovered for himself where peace and happiness lie. Do you have any specific suggestions for discussion about content on LDS. My husband not only supports me going to church he encourages it because he knows that it is a part of me and makes me happy. I think she sounds great but she won't be able to not bring it up.
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I can't take it. For me, one of those bouncers is my marriage to the most wonderful woman alive. And also I thought it was weird she wore some kind of pants that come to her knees under her other pants, but I never asked about that. Unless you have those same understandings, I'm sad to say the relationship is almost certainly doomed. Am constantly trying to be the understanding girlfriend and try to remain humble towards him at all times but It hurts a lot. But on the main page of exmormon Reddit on the side bar there is a link to a site with links to all the pages on LDS. It is coming close to the time where I will be preparing for the MCAT and it is going to get a lot more hectic than it has been. And to clarify, what I mean by physical demand is something that requires energy I don't have, like having sex or going for a walk. And your needs essentially have to be silenced a lot of the times. He has changed a lot throughout this process, but I don't know what he will be like once we are finished.
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Sukhjit Singh. I'm Professor Singh Submit a Correction. Professor Singh's Top Tags. Gives good feedback Respected Caring Inspirational Skip class? You won't pass. Super nice guy. Cracks jokes all the time. Really wants you to succeed. He's the man. Flag this rating. Aug 9th, Attendance: Not Mandatory. Professor Singh has really clear lab instructions, and provides you with feedback if you email him. Tests have word problems which can be kinda tricky. Work hard and you'll get an A. Gives good feedback Accessible outside class Clear grading criteria.

Jul 27th, For Credit: Yes. I took the a-d series of pm courses from Bob. His courses give you the big picture of how project management works and his teaching style is both fun and very instructive. The flow of his classes are somewhat unique so be ready to attend all classes and to work both in small groups and larger class level exercises.

Oh be ready to laugh a lot too. Participation matters Skip class? Amazing lectures. Jun 1st, Professor Bob is an amazing tutor. But I would suggest him to improve his lectures, because sometimes it is unclear what he is trying to say. But the area where he shines is his syllabus. Advanced java programming syllabus of this teacher, makes you learn a lot of things that will be beneficial in the future career.

Moreover he is realy caring!! Respected Inspirational Caring. Reviewed: Jun 2nd, This rating has been reviewed and cleared. Apr 28th, Professor Singh is amazing! He's really chill and he's an easy grader. Generally Labs due throughout the quarter and 10 Discussions participation , pretty easy to get all A's if you follow directions.

Highly recommend! Clear grading criteria Amazing lectures Caring. Apr 2nd, Singh is supportive and quite clear in his explanations. He answered emails quickly for class questions. Good experience overall. Gives good feedback Skip class?

Feb 29th, His lectures are clear. I took his online class so it was done through live video streaming. He makes sure to respond to any comments or questions. He's a lenient grader. Some questions on the exam were a bit vague and I was worried that I'd do poorly, but was pleasantly surprised. Do your best and it'll be fine. Dec 24th, Great professor, he is very clear and takes the time to dive into each topic. He is a very lenient grader and as long as you do the work and pay attention to lectures, you will have a great time. I would recommend this professor to anyone looking into Java or SQL database design.

Attendance is not mandatory, he records all lectures to watch online. Gives good feedback Accessible outside class Caring. Dec 11th, Lots of homework Get ready to read. Accessible outside class Caring. Oct 14th, Professor has a really excellent teaching interaction with his students.

As a learner, you need to be patient and do a lot of practice to understand his lectures. He is very helpful and willing to help. I am trying to take his classes as many as I can. Gives good feedback Respected Inspirational. Aug 22nd, His lectures are amazing. He focuses on learning and understanding the concepts. He repeats concepts during class if something is not clear to you. Assignments are not that difficult and he discusses them during the class. I would recommend this class! Jul 25th, Good instructions on assignments, was supportive in helping and good response to emails very quick.

Gives good feedback Respected Get ready to read. Singh is crisp in explanations and is better than lot of profs. Takes time to answer questions and is super patient. Gives good feedback Graded by few things Test heavy. May 29th, I am taking Singh online class this quarter.

He is running live lectures and also in class lectures. I attended most of his lectures in class. He has been great with answering questions during office hours and outsidel of class. Respected Test heavy Caring. Reviewed: Jul 15th, This rating has been reviewed and cleared. May 24th, This is his online class. He uses video lectures and you can view them on your convenience. However, the audio quality sucks. I couldn't understand many words in his videos.

I've been complaining about this since day 1 but no improvement. He just says "This is how I know you don't watch my videos". Reviewed: May 29th, This rating has been reviewed and cleared. May 23rd, Sukhjit is a good teacher in the sense that he's very knowledgeable about what he's teaching. In his lectures he covers solely concepts instead of application, so its on you to practice.

There are 10 assignments including the midterm and final so you need to nail most of them to get a good grade, but he's a very generous and lenient grader. Graded by few things Clear grading criteria. Apr 4th, Professor Singh is one of the best professors I've taken here.

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