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It took a little while for her to adjust to modern times, but Hazel has done a remarkably good job. Before Hazel was born, her mother, Marie, made a risky gambit with Pluto. They fell in love and he granted her one wish: all the riches of the earth. As a result, Hazel was granted the ability to pull jewels out of the ground. The bad news? Anyone who buys them will suffer. Curse aside, Pluto cares for Hazel, even though she keeps him at a distance. Without much of a family left in the present day, Hazel had to rely on new friends at Camp Jupiter and Camp Half-Blood to fill the hole in her heart. She forged a sacred bond with the Heroes of Olympus and earned an immortal place history as one of the seven demigods responsible for defeating Gaea once and for all. Hazel and her crew became inseparable during their adventures—even though they spent almost as much time fighting each other as they did actual monsters.
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Hazel Levesque is one of the seven heroes of the Prophecy of Seven. She is currently in a relationship with her co-praetor Frank Zhang. When Pluto granted Marie one wish, Marie wished for all the riches of the earth from Pluto, despite his warning that the greediest wishes cause the greatest sorrows. She did this mainly because she was tired of being poor as described in the Son of Neptune. Her mother's ambition to become wealthy later caused her grief, as Marie began to use Hazel's unique powers a result of her wish for selfish reasons. The jewels that Hazel collected were cursed and would cause the buyers to suffer. Marie Levesque refused to admit her part in Hazel's curse and told her it was Pluto's fault alone. Hazel did not have many friends during her childhood with the exception of Sammy Valdez , whom she loved and had shared a kiss just once but after moving to Alaska , where the gods had no power, she never saw him again. Her mother became unstable because she was being influenced by Gaea and when Pluto came to protect them, he'd realized he'd lost her forever. Marie moved them to Seward, Alaska, beyond the power of the gods, despite the many protests by Pluto.
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Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. Join Goodreads. Quotes tagged as "hazel-levesque" Showing of I should have installed a smoke screen that makes the ship smell like a giant chicken nugget. Remind me to invent that, next time. He fought like a demon, whirling through the defender's ranks in a completely unorthodox style, rolling under their feet, slashing with his sword instead of stabbing like a Roman would, whacking campers with the flat of his blade, and generally causing mass panic. By the time she got up on deck, the others had already gathered—all hastily dressed except for Coach Hedge, who had pulled the night watch. Percy wore pajama pants and a bronze breastplate, which was an interesting fashion statement. His T-shirt was in charred tatters. His arms were smoking.
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It was that place where Hazel was forced by Gaea to raise her son, Alcyoneus , using the precious metals that were beneath the earth on an island. Once Hazel discovered what was actually happening, she called down her powers and destroyed the island, killing her mother and herself in , but stopping the powerful giant whose purpose was to oppose of Pluto. Down in the Underworld the judges debated as to where Hazel and Marie should go. Her mother had abused her power and technically allied with Gaea.

After a long argument, it was decided that she and her mother would go to the Fields of Asphodel , a place where they would wonder around a large field for eternity. Nearly seventy years later, Nico di Angelo, a son of Hades , came along and brought her back to the world of the living due to the Doors of Death being open. Initially, he had been there to rescue his other sister, Bianca , but discovered she had tried for rebirth. Hazel is one of the demigods that was at Camp Jupiter's entrance when Percy Jackson defeated the Gorgons.

It is soon revealed that the shady augar is blackmailing Hazel in order for her to vote for him as Praetor. There Percy meets Nico, whom he is sure he recognises but can't quite put a finger on it the reason being that Percy's memories were wiped.

She then eats dinner with Dakota, Percy and Frank before the war games which is like capture the flag at Camp Half-Blood, but with a fortress. They then proceed to the war game where she, Frank, and Percy are the first ones to penetrate the fortress with the rest of their team following.

They then capture the 'flag' and win the war game but before they can celebrate Gwen is killed. With the doors of death open Gwen quickly comes back and there is much confusion. They leave the fortress and are stopped by Mars , Roman god of war, who then claims Frank and gives him a special spear. He gives him a quest and his own written prophecy to go north to the land beyond the gods to free Thanatos. Mars picks Percy to go on the quest and Frank picks Hazel. They then go to a senate meeting to decide what to give them for the quest where she sees Nico, but due to Octavian they are given a boat and a little bit of supplies.

Hazel isn't too happy about the boat but they take it. When they get to the Camp Marina, they find the small, old leaky boat which makes her feel even worse. After they get on the boat Hazel has a vision of her past. Percy and Frank save her and then they hear an army of monsters marching past. They go into R. L where the goddess Iris is. Frank then goes outside and, with the help of his spear, destroys the basilisks, allowing them to escape.

Portland, Oregon and the trio go to find the blind seer Phineas , son of Neptune. They find him trying to smack the Harpies with a weed whacker and he then tells them to find a red-haired Harpy named Ella. After chasing Ella around for awhile they catch her in a library and they take her to Phineas. But they had no intention to give the small harpy to the blind king. Percy gets Gaea to trick Phineas into drinking a poison gorgon blood and Hazel discovers the location of Alcyoneus.

They return to the boat where she has another vision. She is then woken up again and they go find Reyna's sister, Hylla , who is Queen of the Amazons.

They find the lair of the Amazons, which is really a front of the online shipping company, Amazon. Percy and Frank are captured, but Hazel proceeds to talk with Hylla. She asked her if the Amazons can help the camp but Queen Hylla declines because her own people are at war with each other due to the arrival of the dead Queen Otrera who has been revived by Gaea. But Hylla agreed to let Hazel and her friends go along with the horse from Hazel's past, Arion , who will only let Hazel ride him. It's also said by Queen Hylla that only the strongest female warrior could ride him, and that person would bring a new era of prosperity to the Amazons.

Hazel and Frank then share a vision of her life in the Underworld and when she meets Nico and Frank puts his life in her hands by entrusting her with a stick that would snuff out his life if completely burned. They then go north to Frank's Grandma Zhang's house. When they arrive, the house is surrounded by Laistrygonians. They talk to his grandma and escape the giants and fly north to Alaska. During the ride, Hazel kisses Percy on the cheek, but just as sisterly love. They stay in Hazel's old house for awhile and take Arion to the home of the giant, Alcyoneus who is keeping Thanatos.

When they get there the threesome split up, Frank frees Thanatos, Hazel takes on the giant and Percy handles the rest. Frank and Hazel are able to defeat Alycyoneus after they drive him to Canada. Upon arriving, she meets Tyson and Mrs. Then, she heads off into battle. Once the monsters are defeated, Hazel goes and finds Thanatos and asks him about the escaped souls. He tells her that she is not on his list of escaped souls and believed that maybe Pluto gave her pardon so that she may do some good within the Prophecy of Seven.

She also makes her feelings for Frank known and kisses him to show her affection. Hazel is a girl with long, curly brown hair, hazel eyes that are like "14 carat gold," and dark skin. She is said to look very alike to her mother. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Cancel Save. Marie Levesque mother Pluto father Nico di Angelo half-brother.

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