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Top definition. Fishsticks unknown. What gay fish like. Cartman: Do you like fishsticks? Kanye West: Yeah. Cartman: You're a gay fish. Kanye West: What?! Why e'rybody startin' des rumors 'bout me?! I ain't no gay fish! Fish Sticks unknown.
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Hader told Bennington that it all started with an invitation from his friend, Matt Stone. And they go to a hotel, a nice hotel. And every morning you wake up.
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Episodes Clips Collections. Stranger Sign in, buddy.
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Cartman decides to help Jimmy with his comedy routine. They come up with the funniest joke of all time. All the late-night talk show hosts pick it up, and the whole country loves it - everyone except for Kanye West, who is immediately offended and confounded by the insinuation that he is a gay fish. They were trying to help me. The art department created a number of different outfits for Kanye. Almost all got used. A number of specialty poses needed to be made to create this scene with Kanye swimming. All costumes on background characters must be designed and approved, prior to animation. The show is always written a scene or two at a time. This was the first scene written:.
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The th overall episode of the series, it was originally broadcast on Comedy Central in the United States on April 8, In the episode, Jimmy writes a joke that becomes a national sensation, and Cartman tries to steal the credit while rapper Kanye West is the only person in the country who fails to get the joke, but cannot admit that he does not get it because he believes himself to be a genius. The episode was conceived from a joke among Parker and fellow co-creator Matt Stone about a fish dressed as motorcycle daredevil Evel Knievel , which eventually turned into a joke about Kanye West not understanding a joke about why liking fishsticks made him a gay fish. The way Cartman tries to steal credit for the joke was inspired by real people Parker and Stone have worked with in the television business. Parker provided the voice of West in the episode and during the song "Gay Fish", a parody of West's song " Heartless ". The episode also spoofed comedian Carlos Mencia , who praised the episode after it was broadcast. According to Nielsen Media Research , "Fishsticks" was seen by more than 3. The episode received even further attention after West famously interrupted Taylor Swift during her acceptance speech at the September MTV Video Music Awards , after which Comedy Central replayed the episode four times back-to-back. Jimmy works on writing jokes for his comedy routine while Cartman sits on his couch, eating potato chips. Jimmy comes up with a joke with almost no assistance from Cartman he only helped Jimmy originate the joke by telling Jimmy he was hungry for something more substantial than fruit, and Jimmy suggested there might be some fishsticks in the freezer :.
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Episodes Clips Collections. Stranger Sign in, buddy. Oh, hey Eric. I was just trying towrite some new jokes for my comedyr-r-routine. Yeah well, you wannado something? I wanted to hang outwith Stan and Kyle but they're all pissed offat me for something so I have tohang out with you. Sorry, Eric, but I reallyneed to work, very much. I haven't writtena good joke in over a week.

Alright, well maybeI can help you. You know, we can totallywrite some stuff together. Oh well sure, I've never really triedworking with a partner but let's give ita sh-sho- sho-shotsgarrooski. Let's see I was working on this- Why does a squirrelswim on its back? To keep hisn-nuts dry Nah, that'snot that funny. Let's trysomething else. A firemanand a P-p-pollack are eatingmarshmallows, when- No- No Pollacks aren'tthat funny, dude.

Try something else. So the pope says "What are you,a stinking evolutionist? Here's some fruit, boys. Better for you thanpotato chips. Ooh, Jimmy look out,there's a black widow!

Wow, thanks mom! You might'asaved my life! Dude, if I'm trying to becreative I can't eat fruit - Doesn't your mom have somethingmore substantial to eat? You can checkthe freezer. There might be some frozenfishsticks or something.

If you likefishsticks Yeah, I like fishsticks. Wait a minute Oh my God,it's so obvious! How did I neverthink of it before? Dude, you gotsomething? Alright just run with meon this, Eric. Say Eric, do youlike fishsticks? You like puttingfish dicks in your mouth? Well what areyou, Eric A gay fish? Fish dicks! Oh dude that'sfunny as shit! I think we're reallyonto something here! Let's try it outon the guys! Oh, there's Clyde,do it to Clyde!

Yeah, Yeah, let'sdo it to Clyde! Okay, okay, shhh,check it out. Uh hey there, Clyde. What's going on? Eric and Jimmy came up withthe funniest joke ever! Say Clyde, do youlike fishsticks? You like to put fishsticksin your mouth?

What are you, Clyde,a gay fish? You said you like fish dicksin your mouth that makes youa gay fish! Token, Token, gota question for you. Token, do youlike fishsticks?

Fishsticks,yeah, I guess so. Shh shh, Butters! You like puttingfishsticks in your mouth? What are you,a gay fish? Ha ha haaaa! Hey look there'sKevin Stoley! Hey Kevin do youlike fishsticks? Hey Mackey. Do you likefishsticks? Yeah, I likefishsticks, mkay. Oh hey, Peterson,buying fishsticksI see Yeah, I likefishsticks.

What are you Peterson,a gay fish? Alright, hey how we allfeeling tonight So let me ask the guysin the audience a question- Do you like fishsticks? And so uh,hey Paul Do you likefishsticks, Paul? What are you Paul,a gay fish? So apparentlymore and more Americans are eating fishsticks-have you see this? Have youread about this? Loving fishsticks. Kind of makes me wonder,you know? What is everybody,a gay fish? It is quite possibly thefunniest joke ever conceived, and its origin is unknown. The fishdicks jokecrosses all borders all races all agesand ethnic groups and is slowly unitingour country.

In fact, the only person whoappears to not get the joke is rapper Kanye West who becomes furious when peopleuse the joke on him. Yo' that is messed up, yo. I am not gay. And I sure as hellain't no fish, alright? Hey man,I'm a genius, alright. I'm the most talented musicianin the world. If I was a homosexualor a fish, I would know! You're a rapper. An entrepreneur. And you likefish dicks.

You're a gay fish. No I'm notno gay fish. Just gay? I'm not gay andI'm not a fish. You are male. Damn right I'm male! A male thatlikes fish dicks. You like to put fish dicksin your mouth. Alright that does it! I'm gonna kick yourmotherfucking ass!

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