Why do i have joint pain during pregnancy

Joint pain during pregnancy

Pregnancy is quite natural reasons is accompanied by periodic or constant pain with different localization. Often the appearance of such sensations is categorized quite “normal” and natural pain during pregnancy. In this case, can only endure for the normal development of the pregnancy without complications, and their unborn child. However, pain in the joints belong to the category of the most difficult, considering the pain and often impossible to tolerate. The emergence of pain in the joints leads to severe discomfort and serious enough experience. Sometimes endure such pain is extremely difficult and even undesirable.

It is necessary to understand the reason why, and there was a pain in the joints. The joint is the movable part of the limb in which two bones meet. Hold down both the bones in place by ligaments (strong tissue bundles), moving under the action of a tendon (the mouse is attached to the bones) and muscles. The emergence of pain in any of these parts is regarded as a joint pain. To get rid of t

Now it should be noted that there are in total in excess of pathologies that can lead to the problem of inflammation of joints – arthritis. Accordingly, one can speak of about 100 different types of arthritis, pregnancy may trigger the emergence or worsening of any of them. Therefore, rely on an accurate understanding of the problem, which led to joint pain during pregnancy is possible only as a result of the treatment to the doctor.

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Emergence of joint pain during pregnancy due to lack of vitamins

Emergence of joint pain during pregnancy is often characteristic due to a lack of calcium in the female body. A pregnant woman in this situation will pass the blood chemistry to confirm suspicions about the lack of essential trace elements. If the study confirmed the problem, the doctor prescribes supplementation of vitamin D and calcium, will recommend appropriate adjustments to the daily diet to satiate its products containing these trace elements and vitamins. During pregnancy it is recommended not only the yogurt, milk and cheese, but also certain varieties of fish, including salmon, cod, halibut, tuna, herring. High in vitamin D are different egg yolk and liver.

Joint pain during pregnancy as a result of loads

Frequent changes in female body during pregnancy is the appearance of pain in the joints due to increasing load. Because pregnancy involves increasing the size and weight of the stomach, which leads to certain effects for the locomotor system. Therefore, experts recommend to be attentive to changes in their weight, excluding extended stay on their feet – a very important condition for the last weeks of pregnancy.

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Relaxin secretion, and pain in the joints during pregnancy

Among the possible causes of joint pain specialists pay attention to the increase in the secretion of relaxin during pregnancy. The action of the hormone relaxin softens the ligaments of the pelvis, which can elastically move apart – to create the best conditions for the promotion of the child through the birth canal of birth. But it should be understood that the softening under the influence of relaxin and other susceptible ligamentous tissue. Consequently, softening of joints, and perineum. Therefore, the reason for this often leads to pain in the joints during pregnancy, even among women with low weight.

Such pain during pregnancy are considered specialists quite normal. They usually occur within 2-3 trimesters of pregnancy, will intensify during prolonged walking or standing on your feet – to get rid of them allows you to rest. When you save a pain in the joints, and after sleep, and at times becoming more intense at night, we can say – the problem is caused by another cause.

Joint pain, not associated with pregnancy

Important to understand that joint pain can be caused not only pregnancy, but also some other reasons. Among them, it should be noted a number of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, the escalating due to lower immunity: rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, temporal arteritis, polymyalgia rheumatica, ankylosing spondylitis and others.

Perhaps the development of joint pain on a background of fibromyalgia – a chronic disease of unknown origin, not curable. The disease is accompanied by increased sensitivity and pain many points on the body, it is also possible feeling of weakness, and insomnia. Provoke the appearance of pain in the joints during pregnancy can and depression. Frequent depression becomes a headache, pain in the abdomen and back.

Appearance of pain in the joints of hands during pregnancy is possible due to various factors, including tunnel syndrome – when the surrounding tissues compress the median nerve as a result of swelling. Because of these changes occur tingling, numbness of the skin in the area of ​​the thumb, index, middle and half of the ring finger and the pain is possible in these areas.

These signs point to an urgent need for recourse doctor, similar to the situation in the long growing pains in the joints, which can not go away and are accompanied by a number of unpleasant symptoms: significantly increased fatigue, increased body temperature, there is irritability and others.

Thisthe situation may require medication – but their need to judge a specialist. When the pain in the joints of the physiological nature of the need for special treatment does not occur. This situation applies to cases when you just need to be patient – the problem goes away after childbirth.

How to ease the pain in the joints during pregnancy

Although it is possible to take certain measures that will significantly relieve joint pain during pregnancy:

Adhere fully balanced diet that contains all the essential pregnancy nutritional components. Particular attention is paid in this period dairy products.

Consult your doctor on the use of vitamin complexes in pregnancy.

Exclude in my life for a long presence on the legs, especially during late pregnancy.

For flat feet is recommended that a pregnant woman wearing special orthopedic insoles, or pay attention to the orthopedic shoes.

During late pregnancy is recommended wearing a brace to reduce the load for the spine, reducing pain.

Can recommend and gentle massage in the joints, which causes pain.

Some women use a method of self-hypnosis for pain relief. To do this, visualize warm up their joints from the inside, getting rid of the sensation of pain.

If the statutes do not aching swollen and reddened, they can grate using visceral fat.

Why during pregnancy and after birth, ache of the joints of the hands and feet?

After birth, ache of the joints of the hands and feet due to being subjected to excessive load. These symptoms indicate a strain of the organism. Heavy birth process, a woman’s body can withstand severe pressure and pain. The consequence of this pulling and aching pain in the joints.

Causes aches

The Pain occurs at a strong stretching of muscles during labor. Back, knees and lower legs hurt in the first place. Other factors influencing pain include:

  • The Dislocation of the joints. This can occur both during pregnancy and for some time before them. In the heat of passion a woman can inadvertently dislocate the joints, which leads to a pinched nerve.
  • Anesthesia. The use of pain medication when it is contraindicated, may lead to the development of pain in the joints. If the woman suffered from this phenomenon, anesthesia going to make it worse.
  • Excessive accumulation of fluid. The joints may disturb the woman in the lactation period. This state is characterized by excess fluid in the body.
  • Physical labor and exercise within a short time after birth. These two processes lead to the onset of pain and unpleasant symptoms. The woman’s body, not away from stress, physical exertion only exacerbates the situation.
  • Disease of the musculoskeletal system.
  • To Prevent pain is almost impossible. On heavy load the body always responds negatively.

    Joint pain during pregnancy

    Pain in the period of carrying a child may develop on the background of lack of calcium in the body. the Fruit itself feeds this component, taking it off my mother. Consequently, in the bones there is an acute deficiency of calcium. It needs to be filled with special vitamin complexes and by eating foods rich in this component.

    The Pain may be due to the increasing load on them. Belly future moms is growing rapidly, creating additional weight. Primarily affects the spine and musculoskeletal system. Controlling the gain in weight can ease the condition. Need less to stay on his feet in late pregnancy, freeing them from severe stress.

    Among all the factors causing pain, it is worth to highlight the increased secretion of relaxin. This period occurs in pregnancy, characterized by softening of the pelvic ligaments. This helps the birth process, making a woman’s body more elastic. Relaxin has a definite impact on the joints, softening them considerably. When walking on foot women is a strong load, which leads to pain. This is due to softening of the joints. It is considered to be normal pain, get rid of the cannot before birth. The particular manifestation he is gaining on the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. It helps to follow daily load and less to overwork.

    Pain in joints after giving birth

    Joint Pain during pregnancy are a normal process. But most women are worried about this symptom after childbirth.

    Pain may be associated with physiological factors or the presence of diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

    Comprehensive examination of the body will reveal the true cause of pain.

    The Majority of women are bombarded with pain in my back and knees. This is due to the offset center of gravity. This is a temporary phenomenon, but to speed up the recovery process, it is recommended to enlist the help of exercise and massage. Some women are prescribed the wearing of a brace. In order to prevention is to eat right, not to do serious physical exercise and watch your weight. The cause of joint pain after delivery may be wearing uncomfortable shoes.

    Pain, disturbing a woman at first, after the generic process, is a normal phenomenon. Later everything will fall into place and the condition will improve. If the problem lies in excess weight, you must sit on a diet and correct health.

    After giving birth is often marked by a pinched nerve in the spine. This can cause pain. The right treatment will get rid of the problem. To lift weights during therapy pinched nerve is not recommended.

    Some women experience pain, fever. This indicates the presence of inflammation. In this case, a doctor’s consultation.

    With the appearance of symptoms should report it to the specialist. This will help to avoid the development of complications.

    Joint Pain During Pregnancy – Does it ever end and how to deal with it

    Joint Pain During Pregnancy

    Pregnancy is supposed to be a very exciting time in our lives, but sometimes what comes with it can be very difficult to endure. While pregnant, thumb joint pain our bodies are working extremely hard to provide nourishment to the baby and help it develop normally. While this is going on, a mom can lose some needed nutrients that are also important for healthy joints. big toe joint pain During pregnancy, our bodies use a fatty acid called DHA to develop the baby. DHA helps function of the brain and also helps to lubricate our joints. Because so much DHA is used during pregnancy, it is difficult to use it for our own benefits in our joints.

    One reason for joint pain during pregnancy is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Some of us can develop carpal tunnel syndrome during pregnancy, but it’s usually only temporary. hip pain during pregnancy The most common signs that you see in carpal tunnel syndrome during pregnancy are hands and wrists tingling and being numb. Symptoms usually fade after having the baby. Pressure from retaining fluid is most likely the main cause. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a painful problem that 28 percent of pregnant women have to endure. Some different signs of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome are: sharp pains that start from the wrist up the arm, sensation of burning in the fingers, morning stiffness or cramping of hands, weak thumbs, dropping objects a lot, wake at night with hand pain and numbness, numbness in hand while driving. Splinting serves as the main treatment for pregnancy-induced CTS. Resting the fingers, hand and wrist in a neutral, still position is the greatest way to reduce pressure in the carpal tunnel.

    One main joint pain during pregnancy is pelvic joint pain. Pelvic joint pain during pregnancy is very common, especially during the final trimester. During pregnancy, our bodies produce more of the hormone Relaxin. Relaxin works to soften the pelvic joints as to allow the baby to pass through during delivery. ac joint pain Unfortunately, it can work on all of the joints and cause the joints to swell and hurt. This is one of the main reasons why they want pregnant women to avoid high impact activities. This and all the extra weight are the two big reasons we get lower back pain, the hormone along with the weight of the child can cause pelvic joint pain. If the pain is too much to handle, make sure that you rest and drink a lot of fluids.

    There are a lot of different methods we can do to help joint pain during pregnancy.

    -Taking fish oil supplements as well as DHA can replace all the fatty acids lost during pregnancy. They can also effect our mood and brain function in a positive way.

    -Drink a lot of water and take pre-natal vitamins,

    -Taking calcium, helps to reduce inflammation.

    -Swimming. The water can take pressure off the joints and muscles, leaving you feeling weightless. The water can be relaxing and warm water can soothe tired muscles.

    -Yoga. Helps pregnant women experience less joint pain and become more limber.

    Making sure you have chiropractic care during pregnancy is also very important. Chiropractors help to align the spine so that the baby moves to the right position for birth. Chiropractic care can also help the circulation throughout our body. Being properly aligned can help a pregnant woman in many ways. We will feel better, less nauseous, and move better.

    One way to tell if a sore joint is serious is to check if it is red or hot to the touch, as opposed to just sore. Tylenol (acetaminophen) or heat may help alleviate discomfort, but heat is not recommended. Ice is the best way to go. Heat may feel nice and relaxing at the moment, but can cause a great deal of throbbing later on, because the blood rises to the surface.

    Joint pain during pregnancy is hard to deal with for most women, but at least you can take heart that all pregnancies end eventually, and you will have a new baby to join your family. Just a few weeks to go!

    Joint Pain During Pregnancy Treatment | Leg Pain and Pregnancy

    Question: I am 4 month pregnant, 29 years of age, weight 62Kgs and physically handicapped. My left leg has polio attack and is 2.5″ smaller compared to right leg. So I walk in a slightly inclined position may be 30 degree and use left hand to push left leg. This is my first baby. Since last 1 month while walking I’m getting heavy pain in left leg and left stomach joint. If I don’t walk there is no pain. What are the reasons for this joint pain and will it create any problem for my baby.

    Don’t worry. The symptoms that you have presented are common and inevitable consequences of your disability. Some reasons for the pain in the joint area are,

    • Short left leg is putting strain on the left pelvic joint. This have over the period of several years resulted in friction and degeneration of tissues around the joint.
    • During pregnancy your abdominal muscles and ligaments get stretched. This causes pain in and around your lower abdomen.
    • In later months of pregnancy, the protruding abdomen and increase in weight causes an imbalance in the centre of gravity. Further, your disability doesn’t allow the weight to be distributed proportionately to both your limbs. This is putting excessive strain on your disabled left leg causing undue pain in the left pelvic joint.

    Treatment for Pregnancy Joint Pain:

    Measures that you need to take to Reduce joint pain:

    • Considering your disability, it is recommended that you walk only when it is absolutely essential.
    • Take calcium and iron supplements, as pregnant mothers are known to suffer from calcium and iron deficiencies. Consume milk and milk products, egg, green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits and vegetables which are rich in iron and calcium and other micronutrients.
    • Use a walker to support you especially with your disability while walking. This will avoid strain on your disabled leg and reduce the feeling of pain.

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