Stomach girdle post pregnancy

Stomach girdle post pregnancy

Naturally Supporting the Way You Heal Postpartum™

Naturally Supporting the Way You Heal Postpartum™

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Mama Strut Awards and Reviews

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New Arrive & Best Postpartum Girdle

YoYo postpartum belly wrap, postpartum belt are more features, more comfortable.

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Hot Sale YoYo Postpartum Belly Wrap

Hot sale postpartum girdle online, All postpartum belt can offer free shipping and 100% easy return.

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Postnatal Postpartum Shapewear For C Section Best Tummy Shapewear Corset

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Wrapping belly after pregnancy women girdle for stomach postpartum pregnancy girdle corset shapewear

What’s YoYo Postpartum Girdle, Postpartum Belly Band Wrap

Let you learn more about postpartum belly wrap reviews, make you more comfortable.

What is the postpartum girdle?

Postpartum belt is a kind of belly wrap which help you keep abdomen fit with belt in physical method, specially designed for support postpartum abdomen relax and also prevent visceral prolapse. The main function of the postpartum girdle is to improve muscle tone, loose abdomen, the negative pressure of uterus, and puerperal state, also to increase the resistance of uterus for pregnant women, so that reducing the postpartum pain of uterus and recovering quickly from postpartum.

The doctor will advise you to use the postpartum belly band after giving birth. The postpartum belly wrap is one special for postpartum and the other is for non-postpartum. The postpartum girdle is specially designed for those are suffering from loose muscle at the puerperal period and it could also prevent viscera prolapse. The non-postpartum one is also called girdle for those who are abdominal obesity. Nowadays with the improvement of people’s living standards and the sense of the deep love in beauty for modern women, all those postpartum female would like to choose a girdle called postpartum girdle. Therefore, we usually see many postnatal girdles in our daily life and many new mothers like to use post-pregnancy shapewear.

Why use postpartum girdle?

It is most possibly to cause abdominal deformation because of overstretch for postpartum women in childbirth, resulting in flabby abdomen, loose muscle, and uterus not recovering in time for 100% of postpartum women, meanwhile leading to fat accumulation and many gynecologic disease. In this case, it is the main cause to affect appearance, postpartum differences in body shape and many diseases. It will also result in serious consequences and impact on pregnancy next time if not be protected well women abdomen after giving birth. We should always pay attention to the abdominal status and consult the doctor if any illness after childbirth. In the normal situation, the doctor will advise the maternal to take much care of their abdomen to avoid any damage after childbirth. And the best way to protect the abdomen is to wear the postpartum belt. The high-quality postpartum girdle has the good effect on protecting the abdomen. And this functional postpartum girdle belt could not only be good to narrow postpartum abdomen, uterus, and ureter, and relieve abdominal pain but also good effect with the use of abdominal belt after delivery. You should use the postpartum girdle to protect yourselves well. So it is necessary for you to choose a high-quality postpartum belly wrap. Different postpartum belly band could be causing the different effect. The postpartum belly wrap could help you fix your abdomen to avoid your internal organ prolapse so that prevent damage to organ, and also achieve a body shape when wearing postpartum belly belt. Thereby, it is so important to wear suitable post pregnancy girdle after giving birth.

How to choose the best postpartum girdle

There is various postpartum girdle which function differences in the market, which has been divided into two categories: one special for natural childbirth and the other special for cesarean section. There is little difference between these two kinds of the postpartum belt. So you should choose based on your own situation. Please let me introduce how to choose the most suitable postpartum support belt as below.

Special postpartum girdle for a natural childbirth

The abdomen for new mothers need some time to recover from giving birth. So it is very important to keep abdominal maintenance for the pregnant women this period. The postpartum mothers often suffer from the flabby and fatter abdomen, heavier the waste burden. The viscera will prolapse under the effect of gravity. It is more difficult to recover at later period if you pay no attention to maintain at the first time. In normal situation, the doctor will advise you to use the postpartum belly band. It is good effect to prevent viscera prolapse, promote contraction of the womb and help the body recover, but also lift waist and abdomen curve if you start to use postpartum girdle at the second day after childbirth. You could choose the special breathable postpartum corset for a natural childbirth if you would go for a natural birth.

Special postpartum belt for cesarean section

The situation for natural childbirth is not the same with cesarean section which is much more serious than natural childbirth. Therefore you should pay more attention when purchasing postpartum belly band after c section. New mothers will feel very painful on abdomen after the operation. So it needs to deal with the wound in time and the more important thing is to use the special postpartum girdle for cesarean section to help fix and protect the wound, promote wound healing and prevent the wound from opening up and leaving a scar. In this case, the postpartum mothers will feel much more comfortable and the doctor would advise to do like that. Using the postpartum belt could reduce the stretching involved by the effect of gravity and ease the friction of the wound, but also relieve the pain after cesarean section effectively. It could effectively avoid the wound in pain and promote body recover quickly if you would use the post-baby girdle when getting up of bed. The integrated design of postpartum belly hand is very suitable for those mothers by cesarean section because it helps tighten the flabby abdomen reasonably and avoid putting a strain on internal organs. Mothers will feel obviously your waist and abdomen being lifted up after wearing the postnatal girdle. It is also good for recovering muscle of waist and abdomen gradually. If the postpartum belt is made with the superior pure cotton material, you would feel very breathable and comfortable when wearing and its elasticity was good and also good for recover more quickly and slim rapidly after giving birth.

Therefore, you should purchase postpartum belly wrap based on your own situation and do not buy postpartum girdle belt at random.

Target users of the postpartum girdle

The post-pregnancy belly band is not suitable for everyone because of its specificity. It should be used in the range of application. So you should know which group you are suitable before purchasing.

1.Those going for natural birth, cesarean section and abortion. These people need choose suitable postpartum belly hand. They could not buy the normal postpartum belly wrap because the normal abdominal belt after delivery could not protect the uterus and fix the wound.

2.The postpartum women should be physically maintained. The postpartum belly hand could adjust abdomen after giving birth and also protect the uterus effectively.

3.Those fat abdomen who need lose weight.

How long you should wear the postpartum girdle

As we all know, new mothers would be very weak after giving birth. They could not recover from all kinds of ligament elasticity immediately. And it is easy to cause main viscera to prolapse including stomach, kidney, uterus, and liver. You would mainly feel upper abdominal fullness immediately and pain in stomach after meals if stomach prolapse. Meanwhile, you would mainly suffer from cruenturesis, proteinuria if kidney prolapse. You mainly have fall bilge feeling in lower abdominal if uterus prolapse; you mainly feel vague pain off on the liver parts and on if liver prolapse. Therefore, those postpartum mothers would be advised to wear the suitable postpartum girdle for themselves, which help them support visceral organs. For these new mothers who go for cesarean section, it would help stop bleeding and promote the wound healing if they would wear the post maternity belly band in time. So it is very important to wear this postpartum girdle for the postpartum mothers, all should pay enough attention to this.

The doctor would advise you to wear a tight girdle called medically not corsets, which could help the wound healing and the contraction of the womb after you just gave birth. We suggest you had better use the postpartum belt after your wound healing if you would like to achieve the body shop.

But we must know we could not wear postpartum belly wrap the whole day. The specific usage is to wear it after meals when you empty your bowel movement and take off postpartum belly band after c section when you go to bed. You would feel not comfortable if wearing a postpartum belly hand for a long time. It will affect you to breath free if you wear stomach compression band girdle all the time when you go sleep especially at night, even cause you oxygen deficit inside your body, which is very bad for your health. Do not wear postpartum belly wrap too tight in your daily life. Some people may think that it may have the better effect if wearing it tightly. In fact, you don’t need to like that. On the contrary, it would make you feel uncomfortable and also cause some side-effect. And the doctor also advises you the suitable way to wear postpartum belly hand for about 8 or 10 hours one day, not too long time.

Many new mothers do not know how to wear the postpartum girdle after purchasing. In fact, it is very easy to wear it on. We know it is just the first step to purchase our own suitable postpartum belt. We must know how to use it if making our postpartum belly wrap play a more significant role.

In order to achieve the better efficiency, many pregnant mothers would think the tighter you wear postpartum compression belt, the better effect would be. Actually, it is a wrong way. In this case, it would be more difficult to regain the figure. So you must be take it seriously when wearing the post natal belt because that concerns your body health.

The introduction of usage as below:

(1)Taking off postpartum belly wrap and re-wear every day

You must take off postnatal belt before every meal and then you could start to have meals after wear it again tightly. You need to take it off when you go to have a bath, and then wear a postpartum belt again after a bath. You should often wear it tightly at the first two weeks after childbirth. You need wear postpartum girdle again if your abdomen is flabby. You could wear it in daytime and no need wear it in the night after the third week, which helping increase breathing.

(2)The wash way

Washing postpartum belly hand should be in warm water and then air after rinsing in clean water; Please do not wash it in the washing machine because it is easy to crease.

(3)The way to tie up and take off postpartum belt

A.Please lie down and tie up postpartum belly belt at the upper belly button with three fingers crosswise. And making postpartum belly wrap top and bottom angle inside another layer could be fixed. But do not too tight. You must breathe and dine freely and comfortably. It is fine if girdle for stomach could lift up the abdomen.

B.You should roll back it in solid cylinder at the same time when taking girdle off, like pulling the wool.

C.The limited time is up to ten hours if you tie up girdle a day. You had better take it off when lying down on the bed or sitting on the rest. You could tie up post-baby girdle again when you walk up and about.

Therefore you should be careful and pay more attention to the postpartum belly band usage.

The effect of using postpartum girdle before and after

The abdomen of pregnant women will become flabby and the abdominal organs will not be fixed after giving birth. So their abdomen will be fatter if they do not deal with this problem in time. It would help you to solve this problem if you wear the postpartum belt in time. Thereby, it is an obvious comparison in effect before and after.

The types of postpartum belly hand

There is various postpartum girdle which function differences in the market, which has been divided into two categories: one is normal design and the other is special professional design. It could help you contract your abdomen, promote your uterus and birth canal recovery, prevent your viscera prolapse, get rid of lochia and reduce stasis of the legacy and so on if you would choose to buy the professional superior post pregnancy girdle. So it is very important to choose the suitable postpartum belly hand. The details about types of girdle will be stated in the following. Hope that could help you and offer you some advice when you purchase.

The new mothers need some time to recover back to the prenatal state after giving birth. Their abdomen would become more flabby and organs so that the organs could not be fixed, causing increasing the pressure on the waist. Normally at the second day of natural childbirth, it would help you lift up your waist curve, prevent your viscera prolapse, promote the contraction of your uterus and make your body function recover if you would like to keep using postpartum girdle for the half year. So those mothers who would go for natural childbirth could choose the special postpartum girdle suitable for a natural birth.

If you could use the special postpartum girdle for cesarean section in time to help fix and protect the wound after operation, the postpartum belly hand would help you promote wound healing and prevent the wound from opening up and leaving a scar. Using the postpartum belt could reduce the stretching involved by the effect of gravity and ease the friction of the wound, but also relieve the pain after cesarean section effectively. Moreover, it could avoid the wound in pain and promote your body integrated recovery if the puerpera would use this postpartum belly hand before getting out of bed. The special integrated design of best postpartum girdle is very suitable for those mothers by cesarean section because postpartum belly hand helps tighten the flabby abdomen reasonably and avoid putting a strain on internal organs. Mothers will feel obviously your waist and abdomen being lifted up after wearing the postpartum belly band. It is also good for recovering muscle of waist and abdomen gradually. If the postpartum girdle is made with the superior pure cotton material, you would feel very breathable and comfortable when wearing and its elasticity was good and also good for recover more quickly and slim rapidly after giving birth.

The Yoyo postpartum belly wrap focus on considering two situations including a natural birth and cesarean section. Normally, our Yoyo especially professional design make our postpartum belt suitable for a natural birth and cesarean section. You will feel very comfortable and when wearing our postpartum shapewear and at the same time it will be very good for protecting the abdominal organs and so on for the puerpera.

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