Sharp right rib pain pregnancy

Rib Pain During Pregnancy

Rib pain during pregnancy is a common complaint, especially in the third trimester.

Rib pain can occur anywhere in your front upper torso or your mid to upper back. Your ribs wrap around the upper back and chest and reach slightly into your abdomen and mid back. Any type of discomfort or pain in these areas is considered rib pain. Sometimes this pain is continual or sometimes it is a very sharp pain when you take a deep breath. Sitting, standing, or laying down may either make the pain worse or lessen it, depending on the situation. Sitting is generally the most uncomfortable position for rib pain.

Causes of Rib Pain during Pregnancy

There are several different reasons you may experience rib pain during pregnancy. The first and most obvious reason for painful ribs is that your baby is growing and your expanding uterus is pushing all of your internal organs up into your rib cage where there is little room. Other reasons for painful ribs are:

Heavier Breasts

It is normal for your breasts to enlarge during pregnancy. Heavier breasts may weigh down on your shoulders and put pressure on your rib cage, causing pain or pressure.

Your body starts to prepare itself for giving birth by increasing the hormones that loosen your ligaments and relax your muscles. This may cause pain in your ribs.

Urinary Tract Infection

A strange side effect of a urinary tract infection may be rib pain. Urinary tract infections are an infection in your bladder that sometimes accompanies pregnancy because the baby is lying on the bladder. See your doctor if you suspect you have a urinary tract infection.

Stress and tension

Anxiety and stress can lead to an increase in pain, not only in your ribs but also in your shoulders, neck, and head.


Your digestive system may be cramped because of the growing baby, which can cause bouts of indigestion or acid reflux that cause pain in your ribs. Indigestion may also be due to hormones and difficulty digesting rich or spicy foods.

How To Alleviate Rib Pain

If you are carrying your baby high up in the abdomen and you just don’t have enough room, you can try to alleviate your rib pain by finding comfortable positions so you can rest. Sitting seems to be the most uncomfortable position for most pregnant women. Following are a few tips to alleviate rib pain during pregnancy:

  • Lie on your side propped up with maternity pillows.
  • Place pillows behind your back, in front of your chest, and between your knees.
  • If you do have to sit for part of the day, make sure your chair supports your back so you can sit upright. Slouching forward can exacerbate your rib pain.
  • Stand up frequently and stretch one arm at a time above your head.
  • Wear a pregnancy girdle to support your belly.

Yoga And Meditation

Taking a yoga class or learning meditation skills may not only help with your rib pain now, but can also help you during labor and delivery to remain calmer. Find yoga classes that are designed for pregnant women by contacting a local yoga studio. If there are not any specialized yoga classes available, talk to the yoga instructor before class and ask her for precautions you should take during class. You can also purchase a yoga pregnancy DVD to practice at home.

Middle Back Pain During Pregnancy: Back Pain Causes And Remedies

Pregnancy is one of the most pleasured moments in woman’s life, even if she faces discomforts during this period. Some of the discomforts are caused due to hormonal changes, others are physical.

Of the most common physical symptom experienced in many pregnant women, backache stands to rank first on the list.

Middle Back Pain During Pregnancy

Middle back pain in pregnancy is not serious, but should always be attended and looked upon. During pregnancy some bodily changes cause this type of pain. The ligaments get stretched due to increase in size of uterus, and they may be one of the reasons for middle back pain.

Pregnancy Back Pain Causes

During pregnancy urinary tract infection is common, the infection may reach kidneys and cause middle back pain on sides, the left and right. The associated symptoms such as fever, vomiting, and burning urine may be present. Your doctor may recommend urine analysis to confirm the diagnosis.

Lumbar spondylosis is another middle back pain cause which is frequently observed in pregnancy. If the pain is preexisting there is always a reason for it to get exaggerated when pregnant.

Causes Of Back Pain In Pregnancy

Middle back pain in right side can be due to liver problems, a gall stone can give rise to such type of pain during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Back Pain Remedies

Hints to decrease middle back pain during pregnancy if it is muscular in nature are:

  • Do not wear high heeled shoes.
  • Avoid bending.
  • Take support of some object while picking something from floor.
  • Back exercise and stretching will relieve middle back pain of muscular origin.

Pain Under The Right Rib Cage

The problem of Having pain under the right rib cage can be very unpleasant. There are different things that can cause the pain. While it could just be a simple trauma to your right ribs, there could also be other more serious things causing the pain. You see, the rib cage takes up a large area of your body that protects many organs. If you are feeling pain below the right rib cage or having a right rib pain that moves around, it can be due to issues in the organs that the rib is protecting. Even some of the organs that are close to the rib cage, but not protected by the rib, can also cause pain.

The Rib Cage

If you look at the image below, you can see that the rib cage protects a few organs. You can also see which organs that are close to the right rib cage area.

Some of the above organs can actually cause a minor discomfort or even a constant pain if they are not in good health. We will take a closer look into how the organs can cause pain, but also cover other possibilities that may cause discomfort in the right rib area.

Causes of pain under the right rib cage

Sometimes there are infections and abnormalities that can appear in different organs. The affected organs will complain by manifesting different unpleasant symptoms. Pain is one popular symptom, which can be felt as a dull, sharp, or a stabbing pain. Even if you just feel a pressure under the right rib, or a constant pain, it is a symptom that there is something wrong going on.

Let’s take a closer look into the organs that can cause problems.

Colon Problems

Some parts of the colon lie just below the right rib cage. The transverse colon, the hepatic flexure, and the ascending colon are the ones that can be affected. Diseases related to those parts can cause pain under the right rib cage, and they include:

  • Right Colonic Diverticulitis – This is a condition caused by an inflammation of the pouches formed in the wall of the colon called diverticula. You may experience a sharp pain under the right rib cage. This condition seem to appear more in Asian countries.
  • Gases – Trapped wind can cause pain under the right rib cage when breathing sometimes. The pain is due to the accumulation of gas causing the colon to swell. The pain can occur in the hepatic flexure, which is the part where the colon bends.
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome – this chronic condition affects your bowel movement. Bloating, cramping pain, and abdominal pain are common symptoms. The discomfort levels can vary.
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease – This means that there is an ongoing inflammation of the digestive tract. Ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease cause chronic inflammation of the colon wall. This can result in dull aching pain in the right side of the rib cage.

Gallbladder Problems

The gallbladder stores bile needed for digestion of food. It is positioned under your liver and close to the end of the ribs. It is not uncommon that you can feel a dull pain under the right rib cage due to the following conditions:

  • Cholelithiasis – this is when stones build up in the gallbladder. Gallstones occur due to the sediments of bile formed in the gallbladder. You will feel pain under the right rib cage when the stones obstruct the bile duct. Pain is also felt in the back.
  • Cholangitis – this is a serious infection of the bile duct, which can be caused due to the gallstones blocking the passage of the bile. Expect feeling a sharp pain.
  • Gallbladder cancer – this is the spread of a malignant tumor. It can cause mild to moderate pain in the upper right abdomen area in the late stages of the disease.

Upper Gastrointestinal Tract

Parts of the upper gastrointestinal tract include the food pipe, stomach, and duodenum. Disturbance in those organs can also cause pain under the right rib cage.

  • Acid Reflux – This condition is also known as Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). This is when the stomach content runs back up to the food pipe (esophagus). It can cause a burning sensation in the throat, nausea, vomiting breast discomfort, and also cause a sharp or tender pain along the right rib cage.
  • Ulcers – Stomach and duodenal ulcers are sores in the lining of the organs. The duodenum is a part of the small intestine directly connecting to the stomach. That part is the one that actually is located closer under your right rib. The ulcers can sometimes cause severe pain under the right rib cage.

Kidney Problems

The right kidney is situated behind the liver. Diseases affecting the right kidney can cause pain in the flank and also below the rib cage. The cause of pain under the right rib cage and back due to the disorders affecting the kidneys include:

  • Kidney Stones – pain under the right rib cage can actually occur due to the build up of kidney stones that obstruct the flow of urine. Small stones can pass through the ureters causing a flank pain that may radiate from the back to the front of your right rib cage.
  • Kidney Infection – bacteria can cause infection in the right kidney resulting in sharp burning pain under the right rib cage. Other common symptoms would be fever, flank pain, and pain while passing urine.
  • Polycystic Kidney Disease – caused due to presence of cysts in the kidney. It is a genetically-linked disease, and as the cyst grows it can cause a sharp or dull pain under the right rib cage.

Liver Problems

The liver, being the largest organ in the abdominal cavity, occupies a large area under the right rib cage. Pain associated with the liver include:

  • Trauma – a blunt trauma to the abdominal area can cause a stabbing pain under the rib cage. In rare cases, an injury can also occur after a laparoscopic liver surgery.
  • Alcoholic Liver Disease – Damages to the liver due to the abuse of alcohol can lead to pain in the liver. Alcoholic hepatitis can cause constant pain under the right rib cage, especially during the initial stages of the disease.
  • Viral Hepatitis – this caused by an infection of the liver and can cause discomfort under the right rib cage together with nausea, vomiting, loose motions and loss of appetite.
  • Hepatic Steatosis – this condition happens due to the accumulation of fat in the liver, which is also called fatty liver disease. It is often linked with obesity, high levels of cholesterol, and hypertension. This condition can cause an aching pain below the rib cage.
  • Pyogenic Liver Abscess – a rare acute condition that occurs due to the accumulation of pus. It develops due to an infection in the liver and causes pain along the lower right rib cage.
  • Liver Cancer – when cancer grows in the liver during the later stages of the disease, you can experience pain.
  • Hepatitc Cysts – are sacs filled with fluid, and when the cyst becomes large they can cause pain on the lower part of the rib cage.
  • Cholestasis – This is a disturbance that happens when the flow of the bile from the liver slows down. It could be due to several reasons, including during pregnancy when the pregnancy hormones are very high.

Lung Problems

Pain under the right rib cage may occur due to the conditions affecting the right lungs, and the plural membrane covering the lung. There are many different pulmonary problems that can actually cause pain, to name a few:

  • Pleuritis – This is when the lining of the lungs become inflamed. You will likely feel a stabbing pain when you cough or when you breath deeply.
  • Lung Abscess – This is when a pocket of puss is created in the lungs do to an infection of the tissues. This can occur due to pneumonia, abnormalities of the lungs, or other infections.
  • Shingles – This is a type of herpes that develops into rash of blisters along the ribs. You will likely feel itching and pain on the right side of the rib cage even before the rash appears.

Pancreas Problems

The pancreas is a gland behind the stomach close to the duodenum. Like any other organ, it can also get affected by different unwanted health conditions. This can in turn be the cause of pain under the right rib cage.

  • Pancreatitis – This is a condition when digestive enzymes start tearing apart the pancreas. Nausea, vomiting and pain in the abdomen just under right rib cage are symptoms to look for.
  • Pancreatic Cancer – This type of cancer is hard to catch in the early stages because the pancreas is hidden behind organs. Therefore, it is hard to discover tumors during a regular routine exam. It is said that 1 in 4 pancreatic cancers are caused by smoking.

Other things causing pain under the right rib cage

Some people may feel sharp pain under the right rib cage when running or doing other cardio exercises. The exercise-related pain is described as a stabbing and cramping pain felt under the rib cage. The pain usually subsides after taking rest. The actual cause to this phenomena is still unclear according to studies.

This is an uncommon inflammatory disorder where the upper ribs are affected. The pain is felt where the ribs connect to the breastbone (sternum). If you also feel pain in the sternum, there could be other underlying causes.

This is when internal organs and tissues stick together due to scar tissue. Organs are normally slippery and they will not stick, but if you have undergone a pelvic or abdominal surgery, it may have caused an injury to your organs. Pain can come months or years after surgery.

A bruised or fractured rib will certainly cause an intense pain on any part of your rib cage. Also, intense exercises can lead to muscle strains causing pain in the right rib cage area.

A woman’s body needs to cope with at lot of things during pregnancy. Many things can cause pain under the right rib cage during pregnancy. Pain can come from the gallbladder, growing uterus, baby kicks, rib cage spreading, implantation, and a few other things.

Treatment and Diagnosis

Diagnosis of the underlying cause of having pain in the right rib cage area can help in initiating an appropriate treatment for the condition, which will help to get rid of the symptom. The cause can be detected with the help of evaluation of the symptoms including the type of pain, its nature, and the history of alcoholism or injury, physical examination, and diagnostic tools like X-ray, CT scan, and ultrasonography.

If you suspect that you have more than a workout pain, you may want to consult your doctor and set up an appointment quickly. It is important to address the problem quickly, and not wait until the the symptoms escalate.

5 Quick Ways to Reduce that Pesky Rib Pain During Pregnancy

Astonishing Aches and Pains During Pregnancy

If you’re like me (and I’m assuming you are if you’re here), you’re somewhere in that grand ole late second trimester/early third trimester range of your pregnancy where you’re starting to feel aches and pains you never dreamed were possible. Since you can’t really pop pain pills or anti-inflammatories like you could before you were pregnant—and most of these pains wouldn’t be helped even if you could—you’ve probably just started to accept the discomfort as an unavoidable part of being a baby-making machine.

But you have to draw the line somewhere, don’t you? The one pain I really can’t ignore is the sharp pain I’ve been feeling right below my breast, seemingly from my ribs. I was able to ignore it for a few weeks before it got too bad, but after awhile I caved and started looking for help.

This is what I found.

Why are you feeling this pain?

Well, once you’ve ruled out any gallbladder issues, there are only a couple other things that may be causing your pain: the baby growing inside you and your suddenly voluptuous chest.

First of all, you might be enjoying those few extra cup sizes, but think of how much added weight they’ve put on your ribs in such a sort period of time. That, along with the fact that your uterus is growing daily and adding pressure from inside is enough to make any rib cry uncle. The fundus (the top of your uterus) is pushing up, applying new pressure from the inside, not to mention the baby’s occasional well-aimed kick or punch. Your ribs are shifting and the muscles in between your ribs is stretching to make room for the little one. Ouch. The fundus reaches its peak at around 36 weeks, at which point the baby drops down to the pelvic cavity to get ready for birth. That will give relief for the rib pain, but the added pressure of your breasts will still weigh on you.

So what can you do?

#1 No Tight Clothes

As your body is changing, it’s a daily battle to find clothes that both fit and make you feel like you’re still just as beautiful as you were before (believe me, you are). Some days you try to wriggle your way into an old favorite top and others you just give up and slap on some sweats. By wearing those old shirts, you’re just adding to the pressure your ribs are feeling from everything else. Give yourself a break! Rule #1 will relieve you of this pressure. It might be time to invest in some maternity wear that’s comfortable and actually lets you breathe.

#2 Move Like a Pregnant Lady

Just like it might be time to start dressing like a pregnant woman, now is the time to start moving like one, too. (Don’t worry—you can go back to your old clothes and slouchy ways soon but for now, it’s time to get serious.)

  • Stop slouching. If you sit up straight and don’t hunch over, you’ll lift your ribcage up and create more room for the growing baby.
  • Don’t sit for too long. If you must sit, get up often and go for a walk or stretch. Lift your arms up over your head and lean back in your chair. Remember to roll your shoulders up and back.
  • If you must sit, experiment with positions. You’ll find that certain angles push the fundus up higher than others. Your favorite chair might not be your favorite anymore, so push it aside and find another that accommodates your new shape for the next several months.

#3 Body Pillows and Cushions

Why suffer when all you need is a little support? You need to prop yourself up. Grab some pillows and stuff them wherever you need them. It might be a good idea to grab a body pillow if you don’t already have one. There are plenty out there on the market specifically for pregnant women, but you can probably get by with a regular one as long as it’s long enough so you can rest your breasts and belly on it and it’ll still fit between your legs (you’ve gotta help that back, too).

#4 Get a New Bra (and One For Sleeping)

I kept hearing that your breasts were the first thing to change during pregnancy, and that way before they were forking out money for maternity clothes, other pregnant women were running to the store to grab bigger bras. I personally hadn’t given two thoughts about my bras. Since they still seemed to fit, I just kept on putting on those Victoria’s Secret ones I had bought just before I found out I was pregnant.

Wrong move. I finally caved in and got sized. I was a 36 B before and now, I’m 38 D! No wonder my ribs ached: my bra was doing nothing to help. The moral of the story is to just let them measure you. If you’re weirded-out by the idea like I was, it’ll be over in a second, and believe me, the relief is worth it.

A few other things to think about when getting your new bra: find one with plenty of support, no underwire (again, added pressure), and perhaps consider one of the nursing bras (you’ll need it soon enough).

While I was there they were having a sale, so I went ahead and got two sleeper bras just out of curiosity. I was skeptical about whether or not they’d actually help, but I can tell you they do. They’re light enough so you can sleep comfortably, but they give just enough support to help you move.

#5 Learn to be Laid-Back

Yes, there are things you can do to make yourself more comfortable, but the only way to get rid of this pain is by giving birth, so in the meantime, give yourself a break.

If you’re used to sitting up straight or even leaning forward all of the time, try to break yourself of that habit. All you’re doing is scrunching yourself up and forcing your body to conform to a much smaller space than it needs to (plus it puts all your breast weight on one spot rather than letting it spread out). Whenever you have the option to lean back, go ahead and do so. Hell, go crazy and add some pillows where you need them. Why not get a heart-shaped box of chocolates, while you’re at it? And how about a foot rub?

These are just ways I’ve personally gotten over the pain (for the most part), so if you have any suggestions, go ahead and leave them below. I hope it helps!

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