Same day signs of pregnancy

Early Sign Of Pregnancy – Time For Good News

If you’re adept at listening to your body’s cues, you may notice signs of pregnancy even before you can have a positive pregnancy test. Some women seem to know instinctively as soon as they have conceived, while others only suspect as the time nears for their periods to arrive.

If you’ve been charting your basal body temperatures, you may expect that you’re pregnant even before it’s time for your period. When charting, you’ll notice an increase in your body temperature around the time of ovulation. If you don’t conceive, your temperature will stay the same and then drop just before menstruation begins. On the other hand, if you do conceive, you’ll likely notice that your temperature increases slightly and doesn’t drop at the normal time when it would if you were expecting your period.

Also, if you’ve been noting the changes in your cervical mucus to help you anticipate ovulation, further changes may signal you that you’re pregnant. During ovulation, your cervical mucus will be clear and stretchy, much like egg whites. After ovulation, though, your cervical mucus usually becomes thicker, whiter and lesser in amount. If you are pregnant, you may find that instead of decreasing, your amount of mucus increases. If you’re testing your cervical mucus, you’ll also notice changes in your cervix as well – instead of being firm, your cervix may feel noticeably softer after you’ve conceived.

Some women also suspect pregnancy based on changes in their breasts. Many women experience breast tenderness before their periods. However, many women find that the changes in their breasts during pregnancy are noticeably different. Women who mainly experience tenderness in their nipples and areolas may find that their entire breasts feel sensitive – often extremely so. Other women who don’t usually experience breast tenderness may find their breasts abnormally sensitive. Some women who are especially fair may also notice a change in nipple pigmentation quite early on.

In addition, more than one woman has suspected that she’s pregnant when the smell of her breakfast or morning cup of coffee is suddenly revolting to her. Other women find themselves becoming unusually sensitive to smells early on in the pregnancy – women who have experienced this in a previous pregnancy may recognize the feeling right away. Other women find they experience morning sickness early in the pregnancy or feel very tired – as if they may have a minor bout of the flu.

Finally, be aware that those hormonal changes that bring on tender breasts and nausea can also cause you to have mood swings that are more pronounced than usual. You may also experience headaches, dizziness or a feeling of light-headedness as a result of your changing hormone levels. Some women also experience more frequent urination very early on in the pregnancy, while others find that pregnancy brings with it either diarrhea or constipation as their hormones change and fluctuate. Whatever the case with you, it’s important to notify your doctor as soon as you detect the pregnancy or if any of these early pregnancy symptoms become difficult for you to manage on a day-to-day basis.

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Early Signs Of Pregnancy – Pregnancy Signs And Symptoms

It's important to note that not all women experience the same pregnancy symptoms; they differ from a woman to woman. Some women experience early signs of pregnancy over a few weeks and for other women pregnancy symptoms and signs may not present at all.

A missed or delayed menstrual cycle is one of the most significant pregnancy symptoms. A woman can have many or few signs of pregnancy. The only way to get sure you are pregnant is to take a pregnancy test. Here is a list of some of the most common pregnancy symptoms and signs.

Spotting / implantation bleeding

Breast tenderness is an early sign of pregnancy. When a woman conceives, there is a rapid change in hormone levels and due to this in one to two weeks after conception she may notice that her breasts have become heavy, swollen and sore. In this pregnancy symptom, breasts may feel tender to the touch. The area around nipples also get darken. Breast tenderness can be painful, however, keep in mind that it is a normal part of pregnancy.

Morning sickness is a common and well known sign of pregnancy. This pregnancy symptom is probably the most unpleasant for many women, and if you are blessed you will escape this entirely. Morning sickness sign shows up between 2-8 weeks after conception. A woman may feel

If you do not get relief from your headache even after taking pain killers, then it can be a pregnancy symptom, and you may be pregnant. A woman can also suffer from lower backache that usually occurs early in pregnancy.

Due to extra fluids in the body and increased pressure on the bladder, a woman may feel the need of frequent urination. This pregnancy symptom can start around the sixth or eighth week after conception.

Fatigue is body's normal response to its new changing state. Fatigue can be a pregnancy symptom, which begins as early as the first week after conception.

Taste Sensitivity and Food cravings

A woman may suddenly feel like vomiting to some foods and smells and this surely indicate pregnancy symptom. Some women also report craving for certain foods when they are pregnant.

Hope above discussed early signs of pregnancy and symptoms of pregnancy help you to find out you are pregnant or not. If you are having some pregnancy symptoms listed above, then start counting the days from your previous period, you may be pregnant!

Signs of Pregnancy in Dogs

Dog owners that start looking for signs of pregnancy in their dog are generally split into two distinct categories, on one side there are those that have planned the breeding and that are keeping their fingers crossed that their dog is pregnant, and on the other side, there are those worried about their dog because she accidentally ”slipped out the door” when nobody was looking.

Regardless of the state of mind accompanying a possible pregnancy, there are some early signs in dogs that may possibly suggest that puppies are on the way. However, in order to determine if a pregnancy is likely, it helps to first get a grip on how the dog’s heat cycle works. If the dog was purposely bred or ”slipped out the door” at the right time of her estrus, then the likeliness of pregnancy are much higher.

A dog’s estrus is typically divided into specific phases that all together average about 21 days. These phases are known as Pro-estrus, Estrus and Di-estrus.

This first phase lasts an average of 7-10 days and it is easily recognized by owners because it occurs when there is vaginal bleeding accompanied by vaginal puffiness and swelling. Female dogs at this stage flirt around a bit but do not allow the male to mount.

The estrus phase is the actual fertile phase that lasts an average of 4-13 days. The bleeding will be replaced by a straw colored fluid. Females at this stage are receptive to the male, they will keep their tail to their side and mating will occur. A male and female stuck together is known as a ”tie” and this usually indicates a good chance of pregnancy.

The dog’s heat ends at the di-estrus stage. During this stage the female will no longer be interested in mating however, males may still try to mount.

As seen, the estrus phase is the crucial phase that determines the likeliness of pregnancy. If you have planned the breeding, this is the stage at which you should have allowed your stud and bitch to mate. However, there is really no magic formula to grant a pregnancy. Some breeders prefer to have their dog’s hormones checked by a vet to ensure breeding on the most fertile day. If you have not witnessed an actual mating, then there are still some chances that your female dog may not be pregnant. Now to possible signs.

Early signs of dog pregnancy

Generally, the first signs of pregnancy are detected a few weeks after mating. These signs are quite subtle and may be hard to detect for the unexperienced owner. These signs may be present on a case by case basis, so not all dogs exhibit the same signs. To make things worse, often false pregnancy may be confused for a real pregnancy.

Just as humans, female dogs may get something a bit similar to ”morning sickness”. They may tend to lose their appetite and feel a bit nauseated at times. This is a normal occurrence that should subside as the pregnancy progresses and bigger appetites make up for these times.

The female dog may appear to be a bit sluggish and will be seen resting for some periods of time. This slight increase in inactivity are due to the hormonal fluctuations.

The dog’s nipples will begin to swell slightly. This may not be really evident at times. It is good practice to take a picture of them or measuring the size with some tape after suspecting pregnancy so to compare the size.

Increase in Weight

A slight increase in weight may be noticeable around the first month. The dog’s abdomen will also slightly enlarge and appear to feel firmer.

Early Signs of Pregnancy

Statistics show that one out of ten maternal deaths is attributed to ectopic pregnancy. This can happen to anyone but detection of such condition can be done by analyzing the different early signs of pregnancy that may be associated to it. Some of these signs are as follow:

  • Vaginal bleeding is one of the earl signs of pregnancy that should keep you getting worried. Whenever it takes place, only two things can happen: a miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy. However, the latter is characterized by a mild bleeding which is either internal or external. Internal bleeding happens because of a hemorrhage that emanates from the tube that is affected. Whereas, external bleeding occurs because the progesterone level has decreased.
  • Pain and abdominal cramps that are consistent and recurring during the first trimester are clear indication that something is wrong. This pain is also felt in the pelvis.
  • A combination of both vaginal bleeding and pain can be experienced if the ectopic pregnancy is already at its later stage.
  • Early signs of pregnancy happen for a reason. They prepare the way for conception to be realized. They are also helpful in determining if whether or not the conception has been successful.

    Top Three Ways Of Relieving the Early Signs of Pregnancy

    Experiencing pregnancy for the first time will keep you thinking if what will be in stored for you. Other than having a baby bump, you are definitely going to experience early signs of pregnancy. More often than not, these signs will make you go nuts. Thankfully, there are many ways wherein you will be able to overcome these successfully. Here are three of them:

  • Rest. A good rest keeps you energized and rejuvenated. During the first trimester, you will be experiencing a lot of changes which are akin to pregnancy. You will feel drowsy and very tired. Sometimes, you will also get morning sickness which is among the early signs of pregnancy that affects a greater majority of women. Sleeping early, taking a nap and a good rest will do you some good.
  • Exercise. Being pregnant is not an excuse not to get an exercise. There are some exercises that are recommended for pregnant mothers. These can help you deal with back and body pains.
  • Think positive. Pain and discomfort can be associated with how you think about them. Approach all these early signs of pregnancy with a positive attitude and remember that the same can be remedied.
  • Overcoming the early signs of pregnancy is easy if you keep these three helpful tips in mind.

    Early Signs of Pregnancy That Need Rest

    Rest is very important for everybody especially those who are pregnant. In fact, most early signs of pregnancy require rest in order for the pregnant mother to be relieved of all the pain and the hassles that the symptoms will bring. No medication is needed because a good rest and an uninterrupted sleep will do the trick.

    Over fatigue is one of the early signs of pregnancy that happen to a greater majority of women. This is very normal because your body is adjusting to many things, among others, hormonal changes. Instead of taking stress tablets, taking naps during the day and sleeping early will save you from being tired and drowsy.

    Morning sickness and dizziness can be very irritating as they happen almost every morning. It can cause you to be absent from work and will keep you feeling useless all throughout the day. Doctors often suggest that you take a rest, get your body adjusted to the hormonal changes that are taking place. Eventually, this feeling will disappear after the first trimester.

    Avoid being stressed out by doing things that can be very strenuous for you. The first trimester is characterized by a lot of changes and the best way to address all the discomforts is by taking a good rest.

    Dealing With The Early Signs of Pregnancy

    The early signs of pregnancy are characterized by many things that will cause you to have mixed emotions, unexplained feeling or excitement and anticipation. For first time mothers, these signs may cause them to worry a lot especially if they are unaware of them. However, knowing them and dealing with them is the best way to address any discomfort and worry that these discomforts will cause you.

    Approach every sign of pregnancy as part of the total experience. It is in embracing these signs that you will appreciate being pregnant. Bear in mind that you have more of these signs to come. As such, at an early stage, you are already positive about the onset of these signs. Pregnancy will only be successful if these signs will take place.

    Condition your mind that these early signs and symptoms of pregnancy have to take place in order for the conception to be realized. Remember that your body has to undergo certain changes to accommodate your baby. These changes can create a change in your physical attributes and may in some instances result to discomforts. Nevertheless, all of these will eventually fade away as your pregnancy progresses.

    Detecting The Early Signs of Pregnancy

    A woman’s body is so unique that it can change drastically whenever pregnancy takes place. Thus, it can never be denied that one is pregnant because of the many bodily changes that become evident as the pregnancy progresses. These changes are also ways of detecting the early signs of pregnancy.

    A missed period is by far the most common of all the early signs of pregnancy. Unless a woman’s period is irregular, every girl knows that a missed period could only mean two things: the onset of menopause or becoming pregnant. While a missed period can also mean a hormonal imbalance, such occurrence only happens very seldom.

    Most women who have gone through pregnancy can attest that feeling bloated is one of the many early signs of pregnancy. This is coupled by the tenderness of the breasts and the soreness of the nipples. Others may also experience pain in the breast area. This is very normal because it prepares them for breastfeeding.

    Morning sickness characterizes pregnancy. In fact, it is one of the earliest signs that a woman is believed to be conceiving. Again, this is also brought about by hormonal changes that take place during conception. As such, whenever you feel something strange in your body, you can already be pregnant.

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