Red bumps rash on stomach during pregnancy

Itchy abdomen – what to do? Why the stomach small rash

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    • Itchy abdomen – what to do? Why the stomach small rash
    • What to do if the foot rash, which causes itching
    • Why itchy and swollen eyelids
    • Why a mosquito bite itches

    What types of itching there are

    1. Acute itching. Occurs when medication or product that contains the allergen. It lasts up to several hours and can pass on their own.

    2. Chronic itching. Occurs due to auto-intoxication. Characterized by redness and itching. Can proceed for a long period of time, from several months to a year.

    3. Senile itching. Characteristic of men older than 60 years. It occurs when the sclerotic changes in the body, reducing the function of the endocrine and nervous system. The external factor is the weakening of the skin and its laxity.

    4. Seasonal itching. Aggravation occurs in autumn and winter. Characteristic of individuals with diseases of the autonomic nervous system.

    5. Heat itching. Occurs in the summer as a reaction to sunlight.

    6. High-rise itching. Typical at a height of 8000 meters above sea level. During the descent below this level the itching stops.

    7. Itching during pregnancy is caused by self-poisoned body of the baby.

    8. Localized. Stimuli are often dyes, clothes, bowel disease.

    Itching during pregnancy

    Quite often, moms complain that they have itchy belly in early and late pregnancy. Sometimes the itching becomes unbearable. And therefore, doctors recommend a pregnant woman for examination to identify the cause and begin treatment. Intense itching, especially during pregnancy, should be cause for concern.

    In the later stages the skin is stretched, and the belly longer and can cause discomfort. Relieve itching you can use fat cream. Why itchy belly during pregnancy, can only tell the doctor. But possible reasons may include increased sensitivity of women to various synthetic fabrics, and cosmetics.

    But the causes of itching can be diseases of internal organs:

    1. The failure of the liver. Itch often appears at night and is accompanied by a burning sensation.

    2. Allergies. For example, you might develop allergic reactions to citrus, chocolate or seafood. This may appear a small rash on my stomach. It itches from time to time when making allergen.

    3. Cholestasis. This is a dangerous condition that threatens the life of the mother and the unborn baby. It more often affects women with cholelithiasis, chronic cholecystitis or past hepatitis A. Therefore, if a woman scratched belly, feet and hands, should pay attention to it.

    If rash on stomach child

    Why itchy belly and rash? The child’s body is not perfect, the immune system is weakened. In General, the rash itself is a symptom of an infectious disease. If the child appeared in her first symptoms, contact the pediatrician.

    Causes rash and itching in children

    1. Perhaps the child has measles. Measles is an infectious disease accompanied by headache, fever and a runny nose. Child annoying bright light, he is constantly coughing. The rash appears not only on the abdomen but on the head, behind the ears, and then throughout the body. It disappears three days later.

    2. Varicella, or as it’s called in the people, the chicken pox. When the chickenpox rash spread throughout the body, including the stomach.

    3. Rubella. Represents pink spots round shape. They are common as well as with chicken pox, throughout the body.

    4. Mono. Is characterized by eruptions on the belly, limbs and face.

    5. Non-communicable nature of the disease. Itchy and belly rash appears the child is not the cause of the infection. The role of the factor causing itching and rash, can play an Allergy or synthetic fabric. Very often newborn children suffer from prickly heat, especially in summer.

    If on stomach itchy spots

    Red spots on stomach itchy because of problems in the body. Her identify will be possible only after a complete examination. You should not self-medicate because the spots may be infectious. The most common causes of itching and appearance of red spots:

    1. Ringworm. This disease is characterized by lesions in patches that flake and itch unbearably.

    2. Urticaria. Occurs more frequently when the insect bites, the failure of the liver, taking medications or products.

    4. Erythema. The papules tend to grow and merge with each other.

    5. Atopic dermatitis – this disease has a chronic course. Treated with antiallergic drugs.

    Pimples on abdomen

    Pimples are small inflamed bumps. Pimples on stomach itchy and appear for different reasons.

    1. Possible allergic reaction. For example, the skin may not react to the allergen, but the inflamed area will be felt itching.

    2. Irritation of the skin. There is no proper skin care.

    3. Reaction to external stimuli.

    4. Skin diseases.

    Itchy belly

    Quite often women are at the doctor ask: “Why itchy belly?” Factors for this are many. For example, the same pregnancy. As you grow belly skin is stretching. Constant irritation from underwear. It is possible that the elastic on your panties is too tight, and she constantly rubs and causes irritation. The same goes for jeans and pants with low waist.

    Treatment itching and rashes

    Before starting treatment, you should find out why itchy belly, for what reasons rash. If allergies are assigned to anti-Allergy drugs – ointments or tablets. You should also get rid of the allergen, if it is a cat or dog is to give it in good hands, products, or drugs that caused itching and a rash, throw it away.

    In diseases of infectious etiology the treatment consists in the application of various ointments, lotions and tablets. For example, for scabies isolate the patient and disinfect the room in which he was. This is done in order not to infect the people around him. When rubella, chickenpox, scarlet fever appointed antibacterial and antipyretic drugs.

    Prugio of Pregnancy Treatment

    Many women experience itching during pregnancy. While it is quite normal for pregnant women, itching is a frustrating side effect. This generally happens because as the uterus grows, it expands and stretches the skin on the belly. Hormones during pregnancy can also cause itching and can bring about changes in the liver enzymes.

    Some pregnant women experience itching in the soles of their feet or in their palms. This happens because of an increase in the level of bile salts from the liver. This happens only during pregnancy.

    .Other pregnant women might develop large patches full of itchy bumps on their stomach or a rash on other parts of the bodyd This generally happens in the last trimester and is known as pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancyc In short, this condition is known as PUPPP If you have this condition, then the itchy bumps will first pop up on your stomach and then can spread to other parts of your bodyd This condition is not dangerous for the baby, but it can cause severe itching, which might cause you a lot of discomfortr You might want to apply a moisturizer to soothe the itching, but in most cases that is not enoughg Your doctor might ask you to use topical agents to soothe the itching and if the case is severe, then oral steroids might be recommendede The itching generally disappears after the deliveryr

    Prugio of Pregnancy

    Another rare condition is known as prugio during pregnancyc In this, the woman will get small bumps along the bodyd These bumps are generally on the feet, hands, and legs or armsm

    It is believed that the rash happens because of abnormal hormone levels in the blood, especially because of high levels of gonadotropins as well as low levels of estrogen and cortisolo Studies show that prugio affects one pregnant woman out of 300 or morer This condition happens in the second or third trimester, and the rash can cover the trunk and limbsb The lesions look like insect bites and can be crustede Again, the rash disappears after the deliveryr Prugio of pregnancy can recur in other pregnancies that a woman hasa

    Treatment for Prugio of Pregnancy

    We suggest that you speak with your doctor about the treatment of prugio during pregnancyc The doctor might recommend a topical agentn You can also use a moisturizer and prevent your skin from drying as that increases the itchingn You can also use a mild soap while bathing and apply cocoa butter after thata

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    Itchy Stomach: What it means When Your Stomach Itches and Home Remedies to treat this Belly Problem.

    Are you wondering, “Why does my stomach itch?” Then read on to find out some of the most common causes of itchy stomach, with or with no rash, and why itching is common during pregnancy. We will also highlight how to treat and get rid of itchy skin rashes on the stomach and the associated symptoms such as bumps.

    What Does It Mean When Your Stomach Itches

    Itchy skin on the stomach is usually an indication of exposure to mechanical stress (e. g., stretching), irritants (or allergens), or infectious agents.

    The skin on the stomach (and other parts of the body) contains many sensory nerve endings which are responsible for itch and pain sensations.

    When damaged or exposed to inflammatory mediators, e. g., irritants, these nerve endings get activated and send a signal to the brain. The brain responds by evoking an unpleasant itching sensation. This causes a strong desire to scratch the affected area of skin.

    Itching is the body’s natural way to alert your body of imminent danger. Scratching reflex, on the other hand, is how the body physically removes any physical threat. Depending on the actual cause of the problem, scratching alone may or may not help to stop the itch. When your belly itches as a result of an underlying disease, for example, it may be necessary to treat the disease first.

    Itchy Stomach during Pregnancy – Why Does My Stomach Itch During Pregnancy?

    I see the question, “my stomach itches, could I be pregnant?” pretty often. The answer is yes and no. While it is normal to have an itchy tummy during pregnancy, it is unlikely to happen very early in the pregnancy as to count as a sign of pregnancy.

    By the time you develop the itching, you are likely to have observed other signs of pregnancy such as missed periods, nausea, frequent urination, and fatigue.

    As for what causes itchy stomach during pregnancy, it is usually because of stretching of the skin to accommodate the growing belly. For some women, the stretching means drier than usual skin which then causes it to feel itchy.

    According to the NHS Choices, the hormonal changes associated with pregnancy and menopause can also play a part in the itching.

    Most cases of stomach itching during pregnancy occur during the second trimester (13-28 weeks), but it can as well happen in the late-first trimester. This is especially true for women pregnant with twins; they get more prominent itching that tends to occur earlier.

    Home Remedies for Itching On Stomach during Pregnancy

    Now that we have an answer for the question, “My stomach itches, could I be pregnant?” lets us now take a look at some of the home remedies you can use for itchy skin during pregnancy:

    • Avoid further irritation and moisturize adequately. Avoid taking hot showers or baths as these can further dry and aggravate your skin. Avoid scratching the area. Use mild soaps. After a bath, moisturize your skin with a good lotion or cocoa butter.
    • Have a warm oatmeal bath. To make an oatmeal bath, grind a cup of uncooked oats in a food processor, then pour the resulting powder in a tub of warm water. Alternatively, get a ready-to-use oatmeal bath preparation such as Aveeno.
    • Apply baking soda paste to the stomach. Simply mix baking soda with water to prepare it. Finish off by moisturizing the tummy to avoid the drying effect of this home remedy.
    • Dab some apple cider vinegar on the itchy tummy. Apple cider vinegar is a great natural remedy for itchy stomach and other parts of the skin.
    • Apply aloe vera gel to the tummy. Aloe vera is known for its ability to soothe and repair damaged skin. Try dabbing an aloe vera gel such as Amara Organics on the skin twice daily.
    • Pamper the itchy stomach with coconut oil. You may also find coconut oil helpful in alleviating stomach dryness and itchiness during pregnancy.
    • Hold a cold compress on the itchy areas of the stomach. A damp flannel or washcloth also goes a long way in stopping the itchiness associated with pregnancy.
    • Apply anti-itch cream. Calamine lotion can help to soothe severe cases of stomach itching.

    When to Be Concerned About Itchy Stomach during Pregnancy

    Although itchy belly during pregnancy is nothing to worry about, it can be a sign of an underlying health problem. You should see your healthcare provider if the itching on the stomach:

    • Is accompanied by a red itchy rash. This could be a condition known as PUPPP, an abbreviation for Pruritic Urticarial Papules and Plaques of Pregnancy. Usually occurring in the third trimester, PUPP is characterized by an intensely itchy rash on the stomach which is punctuated by raised, red bumps. PUPP goes away as soon as you give birth. In the meantime, your doctor may prescribe steroid creams or Benadryl.
    • Is accompanied by symptoms of liver problems. Watch out for loss of appetite, yellow skin (jaundice), vomiting, and nausea. This coupled with itchy stomach (with no rash) are classic signs of a liver problem referred to as obstetric cholestasis or Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy (ICP), especially if they occur during the third trimester. The condition is caused by a buildup of bile acids in the bloodstream. It increases the risk of childbirth considerably.
    • Spreads to other parts of the body. It is not uncommon for the itching initially experienced on the tummy to spread to other parts of the body (especially hands and feet) when serious conditions such as obstetric cholestasis are involved.

    Other Causes of Itchy Skin on Stomach

    What if you have an itchy stomach but are not pregnant? Other than pregnancy, there are other possible causes of stomach itch, some of which are general and others more specific to the abdominal area of the skin. These include:

    Also referred to as xerosis, dry skin is one of the most common causes of itchy stomach especially one that is not accompanied by a rash. One of the most common underlying causes of dry skin is a plunge in humidity levels. This is commonly seen in winter, but human-influenced changes can as well occur with constant use of air conditioning.

    Frequent bathing, especially with hot water, can also cause dry skin and culminate in itching on the stomach and other parts of the body. Antibacterial soaps and chlorinated water can also contribute to the problem. Dry skin can also occur as a symptom of an underlying dermal condition.

    Applying a good quality moisturizer can help reduce dryness and the associated abdominal itching.

    Irritants and Allergens

    An itchy stomach can also occur as a result of allergic or irritant contact dermatitis.

    Irritant contact dermatitis occurs when irritants such as soaps, cosmetics, perfumes, sweat, and woolen clothing get into contact with and cause direct damage to the skin. This often manifests itself in an itching sensation that may or may not be accompanied by a red rash and a burning sensation.

    Allergic contact dermatitis is on the other hand associated with a skin allergy. This occurs when a substance (allergen) such as fragrances, dyes, latex, etc. comes into contact with a hypersensitive person’s skin, triggering an inflammatory immune reaction. This manifests itself in a red, itchy rash that is sometimes accompanied by swollen bumps or hives.

    Some people may also experience a red, itchy rash on stomach after eating certain foods. This is often an indication of an allergy to that specific food. Some people are for example allergic to gluten. Food allergies show up as red, raised, itchy bumps and are likely to spread to other parts of the body.

    Pityriasis Rosea (Christmas tree Rash)

    According to the Right Diagnosis website, itchy spots on the stomach may also be indicative of a skin rash known as pityriasis rosea or Christmas tree rash. Christmas tree rash is thought to be a viral infection. A Christmas tree-shaped rash is the hallmark of the disease, but as much as 50% of cases are reported to have mild to severe itching.

    Christmas tree rash begins with one large patch or raised skin on the abdomen, chest, or neck before progressing into a skin rash that covers the abdomen, chest, back, legs, or arms. Sweat and stress can worsen the condition and make itching more severe.

    Shingles are another likely cause of itchy stomach. This dermal condition is characterized by blisters and red rash eruption on the skin. It is attributed to the same virus that causes chickenpox (varicella-zoster virus). When a person gets and recovers from an episode of chickenpox infection, the virus remains in the body in a dormant state. In some people, the virus reactivates, causing an outbreak of shingles.

    Symptoms of shingles include pain, tingling, and itching in the torso area. This is typically accompanied by a red rash and fluid-filled blisters. The painful rash tends to show up on one side of the body (e. g., one side of the stomach) or face.

    Some people experience other symptoms such as fever, stomach upset and pain, confusion, memory loss, and tiredness.

    It is not precisely clear what cause a reactivation of the Varicella zoster virus, but scientists believe weakened immune system may have a hand in it.

    Shingles are highly contagious. On a good note though, they typically clear on their own in a time span of 2-4 weeks. Although no cure for shingles is known, several treatment options are available to offer relief for the symptoms, especially the pain while shortening the duration of infection. These include antiviral medications, painkillers, and steroid medications.

    If your itchy stomach is determined to be a symptom of shingles, your doctor will determine the most appropriate treatment regimen for you.

    Reaction to Medications

    If you recently started using a new medication, there are chances that it is the underlying cause of your itchy, red rash on the stomach. According to the Mayo Clinic, adverse reactions involving antibiotics, antifungal, and some narcotic pain medications is a common culprit for skin itching.

    Although it is possible for an itchy stomach to be indicative of a reaction to medication, the rash will be more often than not generalized; covering other parts of the body as well.

    Consider talking to your doctor or healthcare provider if you suspect a case of adverse reaction to medication. If necessary, they will change the prescription for you.

    More Diseases and Conditions that can Cause Itchy Stomach

    Other possible underlying causes of an itchy abdomen and associated problems include:

    • Scabies
    • Kidney failure
    • Thyroid disorders
    • Cancer
    • Sunburn
    • Insect bites, e. g., bedbug bites. You should suspect this if you can spot small bumps along with bite-like spots around them.
    • Fungal infections. An anti-fungal cream (sold over the counter) can come in handy in the treatment of a scaly, itchy stomach due to fungal infections.
    • Tummy tuck recovery: you are likely to experience a slight itching as nerves regrow along the incision line following an abdominoplasty.
    • Peptic ulcer disease

    Tips and Home Remedies for Itchy Stomach Relief

    To soothe and heal itchy rash on the stomach (or itchy skin with no rash), consider the following tips and home remedies:

  • Do not scratch the affected area of your tummy.
  • Moisturize the skin on your tummy (and indeed all over your body) to keep it hydrated. Do this immediately after shower or bath. Cocoa butter is a particularly good choice. It is also safe to use during pregnancy.
  • Use warm, not hot water for your bathing purposes.
  • Switch to fragrance-free, mild soap. Also, avoid using fabric softener for all clothing items that come into contact with your belly.
  • If your skin is sensitive to wool, avoid woolen wear. Instead wear clothing made of silk, cotton, or cashmere. Also, wear loose-fitting clothes to prevent chaffing. Pants, skirts, and underwear that rest below your tummy – as opposed to the granny style up-and-over items – are also an excellent choice. They are less likely to irritate your skin. It is also important to go light in hot weather.
  • Run a humidifier in your bedroom.
  • Have an oatmeal bath to soothe the itching. Ground oatmeal mixed with warm water will do, but you can always use an over-the-counter oatmeal product such as Aveeno.
  • Soak a washcloth in cold water and then pat it gently on the area of the tummy affected by the itchy rash.
  • If an itchy stomach gets worse or stays longer than a few days, even with the use of these remedies, consult with your doctor. It could be a symptom of an underlying medical condition that needs treatment. Also, although it is normal to experience an itchy stomach during pregnancy, you should be on the lookout for any tell-tale sign of serious health problems.

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