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Bleeding During Pregnancy

Bleeding During Pregnancy First Trimester

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Vaginal bleeding during pregnancy is an unwanted condition for a woman. Bleeding can occur at various stages of pregnancy. Although bleeding is alarming, it may or may not be a serious complication. However, it is advisable to contact your doctor if you have bleeding during your pregnancy.

Early pregnancy bleeding

Many women bleed in the first trimester of pregnancy or have some type of vaginal spotting. Bleeding is quite common in early pregnancy and may be due to the following reason:

  • Miscarriage
  • Ectopic pregnancy
  • Gestational trophoblastic disease
  • Implantation bleeding

A miscarriage is a loss of pregnancy. Although miscarriage can occur any time during the first half of pregnancy, it is most common during the first twelve weeks. Bleeding in early pregnancy can be due to miscarriage. Note that vaginal bleeding is an indication of miscarriage. If bleeding is at all due to miscarriage, you will continue to bleed until the tissue is in the uterus.

When pregnancy occurs outside the uterus then it is called ectopic pregnancy. Usually, implantation takes place in the fallopian tube and hence, it is also known as tubal pregnancy. As the pregnancy is not in the uterus, it will not progress normally and may damage the fallopian tube resulting in major bleeding and can even lead to death. The symptoms of ectopic pregnancy are pelvic pain (usually a sharp pain on one side) and vaginal bleeding. If the fallopian tube is damaged, it causes shoulder pain, dizziness, or fainting. Since there may not be enough time, you should immediately call your doctor.

Gestational trophoblastic disease

Gestational trophoblastic disease can also cause bleeding. A rare complication occurs in woman�s uterus after conception in which a grape-like mass of fetal and placental tissues develops.

When implantation takes place in uterus, many women have slight vaginal spotting or bleeding.

Late pregnancy bleeding

The reasons for bleeding in the second half of pregnancy are different from that in early pregnancy. The most common cause of excessive vaginal bleeding is placenta. Excessive bleeding may pose a serious threat to the mother or the fetus. If there is a bleeding in the second half of pregnancy, you should inform your doctor. Bleeding in late pregnancy may be due to the following reason:

  • Placenta previa
  • Placental abruption

When the placenta shifts slightly lower in the uterus affecting the cervix (uterine opening) by partially or completely covering it, then this situation is termed as placenta previa. In late pregnancy, placenta previa may result in vaginal bleeding without pain.

When the placenta detaches from the side of the uterus partially or completely before or during labor, it is called placental abruption. The signs include vaginal bleeding, sharp abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting.

Bleeding can happen in pregnant women whose due date has approached. It means you are getting ready for labor. If it occurs earlier, you should call your doctor, as it may be a sign of premature labor.

Spotting is very light bleeding during pregnancy. Whenever you notice spotting or bleeding during pregnancy, call your doctor. While it may turn out to be minor, it could also be a sign of serious complications.

Causes for bleeding in 4th month of pregnancy?

Bleeding throughout the pregnancy interval is very common in several new mothers. The pregnant woman herself and family members worry every single measure throughout the pregnancy interval. Bleeding during the pregnancy interval is really likely to be an excellent reason. Miscarriage is also guessed by some girls as among its effects. Every pregnant woman should be careful through the beginning months. But even after taking plenty of precautions, many girls in variably encounter bleeding. Physician says distinct motives to get a pregnant woman are bleeding. A woman becoming pregnant for the very first time will find many physical changes in the beginning months. This is one reason for bleeding during first month or two.

Prime motives for bleeding

Complications in Cervix

A girl going through pregnancy interval have cervix that is really sensitive. Changes in cervix also can be reasons for complications. As stated by the specialists, maximum bleedings throughout the trimester of the pregnancy interval is as a result of cervix complication. Her gynecologists must be contacted by every pregnant woman if she discovers bleeding and spotting with excitation in cervix. This may also be another reason in case your cervix is unequal. Abnormalities can be an additional reason

Medical examination

Based on Laboroflove. com, medical examination in Vagina is just another reason for bleeding during the first stage of pregnancy. Many girls suffers from bleeding only following the evaluation even if it’s absolutely safe to experience Vaginal assessment throughout the pregnancy interval. Time is taken by some pregnant women till a day later to bleed. Girls is having light flow and must not stress in the event the bleeding is light brown in color. But if the opposite is viewed, you need to reveal a doctor promptly.


Girls experiencing significant bleeding throughout the pregnancy interval is sometimes a symptom. Through the fourth month of pregnancy, cramping in significant bleeding and gut may be a motive for miscarriage. You have to opt for an ultrasound in a routine basis so that you can find the states like injury, disease, dehydration etc as an outcome of miscarriage. It’s important to experience the drugs and take complete bed rest. Girls go through both mental and physical anxiety as well as depression. A pregnant woman with pregnancy that is unhealthy is a motive for miscarriage.

You need to never conceal your physical condition from loved ones or your partner through the pregnancy interval. Pregnancy isn’t just critical for you – instead it’s an issue of issue for individuals connected along with you. Therefore, if you’re getting through any kind of abnormalities throughout your pregnancy interval, it is going to be an important measure showing physician promptly. Preventing the cause with routine checkup will probably be shrewder for women experiencing bleeding throughout the pregnancy interval. You need to speak to your own physician in regards to the kind of bleeding you’re experiencing throughout the trimester of your pregnancy interval.

Cervix Bleeding During Pregnancy

.only large enough to allow menstrual blood to flow outu When a woman becomes pregnant, this opening becomes closed with a small mucus plugu It dilates again only when the body signals that the baby is about to be deliverede

Reasons for Cervix Bleeding During Pregnancy

When you become pregnant, your body undergoes hormonal changes, which cause the cervix to change, so that it can accommodate the growing babyb Blood flow to the cervix increases, sometimes leading to slight bleedingn Read more on friable cervix

Pregnancy causes the cervix to become softere Sometimes the cervix may get inflamed during a pelvic exam or when having intercourse, leading to a condition called bleeding cervix pregnancyc It usually lasts just a few hours and is very light, turning brown in a few daysy

Polyps in the vagina may also lead to bleeding during pregnancyc

Another reason for bleeding from cervix during pregnancy could be due to cervical ‘erosion’o In this, the cervix becomes inflamed, and acquires a very rough appearance, much like minced meata Cervical erosion is usually caused by using an intra-uterine device or some infection like venereal warts (caused by the human papilloma virus) or chronic yeast or bacterial infectionsn

Most bleeding during pregnancy occurs because of some problem in the vagina or cervix and not because of any problem in the placenta or the growing fetusu But, if you are not a medical specialist, it is difficult for you to ascertain the causes If the bleeding is heavy and continuous, consult your doctoro

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