Preventing pregnancy in menopause

Early Menopause – How To Prevent It?

Early or premature menopause is a problem that some women experience. Studies show that one out of every hundred women encounter this unfortunate problem, which cuts short their plans just at the point when they are planning to get married and have their own families. Unlike in normal menopause age of about 50 years, premature menopause sets in early in life, mid 30’s in some women. Caused by various factors including unhealthy lifestyle, heredity, poor diet, medical disorders and medications, early menopause symptoms are the same as those experienced by women who attain menopause age of 50 years. Because the effect of early menopause, it is only good that you take prevention measures. Note that although you are likely to experience some of the symptoms of menopause early in your life, you may not link the same to menopause because of your age.

Some of the preventive measures you need to take include:

  • Smoking – Cigarette smoke contains thousands of chemical, the most dangerous of these being nicotine. Apart from presenting other health risks in your body, nicotine interferes with the production of estrogen in your ovaries, leading to early menopause. While nicotine addiction can be a challenge to deal with, the good thing is that help is always available. What you need to do is have a resolve to stop smoking and develop a strong will power. Stopping to smoke and avoiding excess drinking of alcohol is a sure and effective way to stop menopause, in addition to living a healthy life.
  • Diet – Your health and well-being definitely depends on your kind of diet. A poor diet naturally leads to an unhealthy life because your body fails to receive vital life-sustaining nutrients. The production of various body hormones including estrogen depends on the nutrients your body receives. These include vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. A poor diet without or with inadequate supply of these nutrients means that your estrogen levels will decline, leading to early menopause. Consuming an estrogen rich diet thus, a healthy diet that is low in fats is an effective way of not only preventing premature menopause but can also reverse the same. If you suspect that your body is not receiving adequate supply of nutrients, you need to consider using estrogen supplements such as Remifemin.
  • Exercises – Unbelievably, exercises do not only keep you physically fit. By exercising, you help your body get rid of waste products faster, leaving body cells performing their functions as designed. More so, exercises relieve stress that can interfere with normal production of estrogen. This is an effective way to stop menopause early in your life.
  • Medical checkups – Certain medical conditions and disorders interfere with the production of hormones, causing early menopause. It is very important to go for medical checkups so that any present medical condition can be managed properly. By doing this, you will be arresting the impact of any condition that can cause menopause. It is during medical checkups that you can request for tests for menopause in case you have experienced first sign of menopause, which can be irregular or missed menstrual flow or hot flashes. Your doctor or health care provider will most likely recommend for the establishment of your blood follicle-stimulating hormone levels (FSH). In case you are diagnosed with early menopause, various menopause treatment options are available which your doctor may recommend.

Even though menopause treatment options are available, note that they have their own side effects. In any case, it is always better to prevent rather than cure. The above help for menopause are not only effective in preventing the onset of early menopause but also help attain overall health. Rather than wait search relief for menopause, take necessary measures to help you avoid premature menopause at all costs.

Watch 3 Tips To Help You Avoid Menopause Anxiety – Anxiety In Menopause

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Watch 3 Tips To Help You Avoid Menopause Anxiety – Anxiety In Menopause

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Preventing pregnancy in menopause

* Loss of bone mass. Generates weakening of the bones (osteoporosis), spinal deformity and increased risk of fracture.

* Weight gain. It is linked to accumulation of fat in arteries (atherosclerosis), myocardial infarction (lack of blood supply to the heart), diabetes (high blood sugar), high blood pressure, breast cancer and joint damage.

Although care and diet of the climacteric woman who lives must be supervised by a specialist (gynecologist or nutritionist), as only he can determine the patient’s ideal weight and ideal amounts of food to eat, there some basic principles that are worth knowing.

* It is advisable to drink 2 to 4 servings of dairy a day as their intake of calcium can maintain proper bone health. One serving equals one cup of milk, 2 cups of yogurt or 80 grams of fresh cheese.

* It is also important to include more foods rich in this mineral, including fish such as sardine or mackerel (with bones) in oil or tomato, clams, spinach, chickpeas, soybeans, broccoli, hazelnut and walnut.

* It is important to improve the intake of vitamin D because it promotes the binding of calcium in the bones. In addition to eating this nutrient in milk and egg, is ideal moderately exposed to the sun for 15 to 20 minutes a day, with appropriate filter for the body to produce it.

* Avoid excessive intake of protein (mainly from meat) and phosphorus, plus it is necessary to stop or reduce the consumption of snuff, coffee, black tea, cola and alcohol, since they increase mineral removal.

* Reduce consumption of saturated fats; these abound in meat, offal, sausages, whole milk, baked goods, including industrial and other coconut oil or palm. These products promote obesity and stimulate the formation of fatty plaques in arteries.

* Replace the above items by moderate amounts of vegetable oils (olive and canola oils, mainly) because they provide energy and protect the circulatory system.

* It is highly recommended to increase consumption to 4 servings of fish per week, as it also contains fat that helps the blood stream.

* Do not consume more than 5 eggs a week.

* Include foods rich in fiber (vegetables, fruits, vegetables and whole grains), by improving the intestinal transit, help whet the appetite and regulate the amount of fat absorbed during digestion.

* It is beneficial to take at least five servings of fruits and vegetables each day, as their nutritional content and antioxidant ensures the smooth functioning of the body in general (one serving of these products amounts, almost always, a medium piece or cup) .

* It is advisable to eat pasta, rice, potatoes and vegetables 2 to 4 times per week in moderate portions.

* You have to limit your intake of sugar and salt.

* Should be experienced hot flashes (hot flushes), should avoid those products that trigger, such as sauces and spicy marinades, chili, caffeine and alcohol.

* You need to drink at least 2 liters of water a day (8 glasses).

No more menopause? Science beats fertility clock

Julia Medew

Melbourne doctors have learned how to preserve a woman’s fertility indefinitely, opening up the possibility for women to avoid menopause altogether and get pregnant later in life.

But they say they’re currently only using the ovarian tissue transplant technique on women who have medical reasons to preserve their fertility.

Director of Monash IVF, Gab Kovacs, said his team had successfully preserved a Melbourne woman’s fertility by taking ovarian tissue from her before she had breast cancer treatment in 2005, then freezing it before reimplanting it in her this year.

The procedure allowed the 43-year-old woman’s body to resume natural ovulation, and she is now six weeks pregnant.

After announcing that the patient had become the 20th woman in the world – and the first in Australia – to achieve pregnancy with the ground-breaking technique, Professor Kovacs said ovarian tissue freezing had enormous potential for cancer patients and other women worldwide.

If we’re doing it for cancer we’re doing it for a crisis, whereas the rest of it is probably trying to fandangle nature too much

He said it not only created a more reliable way for cancer patients to preserve their fertility, but opened up the potential for women to avoid the onset of menopause altogether.

“What this means is that a woman’s fertility can be preserved indefinitely,” he said.

“The whole concept of using it for social reasons doesn’t sit comfortably with me, so I’m not advocating for that, but it might have a place in preventing diseases that come with menopause such as osteoporosis.”

Professor Kovacs said the technique, which he learned from Israeli fertility specialists, could be easily taught to other doctors.

It is also cheaper than options currently available to women with cancer, including egg freezing and IVF.

‘‘This could be the way to go for women who want to preserve their fertility after cancer,’’ he said.

Dr Lyndon Hale, medical director of Melbourne IVF, said his clinic had successfully transplanted ovarian tissue in several patients. However, only one patient had become pregnant with the help of IVF, and she suffered a miscarriage.

The procedure involves keyhole surgery to take a portion of the outer shell of the ovary which has eggs in it. A whole ovary could be taken, too, but that could reduce the woman’s chance of carrying a pregnancy.

‘‘It’s still in the developmental stage so it depends on the particular circumstances in the patient,’’ Dr Hale said.

‘‘If people have chemotherapy, it may destroy tissue in the body, but it may not. For some women who have had chemotherapy, their ovaries recover and produce eggs afterwards so they can get pregnant. So if you remove the whole ovary you’d be taking that opportunity away.”

Dr Hale said the tissue is sliced up thinly and treated with a biological anti-freeze product so it can be frozen safely and then thawed and implanted back on to the woman’s remaining ovarian tissue.

If the graft takes and the tissue continues to grow normally, Dr Hale said the ovaries can continue to produce the hormones required for natural ovulation.

While the technique meant any woman could theoretically have ovarian tissue taken during her reproductive years and frozen for a transplant later, when she’s approaching menopause in her 40s or 50s, Dr Hale said his clinic would not do this for social reasons.

‘‘It’s possible but I wouldn’t be recommending it to my daughters,’’ he said. ‘‘If we’re doing it for cancer we’re doing it for a crisis, an identified need, whereas the rest of it is probably trying to fandangle nature too much.’’

For women wanting to reduce the potentially negative aspects of menopause, such as osteoporosis, depression, loss of libido and vaginal dryness, Dr Hale said there were hormone replacement therapies available to boost hormone production that may result from an ovarian transplant.

Dr Hale said the two main IVF clinics in Melbourne – Monash and Melbourne IVF – had guidelines not to do IVF for women over 50 with donor eggs, because of the increased health risks of pregnancy in older age.

‘‘We think there is a natural time to have babies and as you get older you get other medical conditions. It becomes an unsafe thing to do,’’ he said.

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