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This pregnancy test brand includes (but not limited to):

Menstrual Cycle and Pregnancy Planning

Of course! This is no legend. Everybody is aware of timing the intercourse for a better success rate. Every woman has her own unique cycle. What is a Menstrual Cycle? A cycle refers to the number of days between the first day of two consecutive menstrual periods. Ovulation is a period of maximum fertility and this occurs 14 days before the beginning of the next menstrual period.

For ex, If Lady A whose cycle lasts 29 days, got her period on 1 st of August and her next period starts on 1 st of September, then her ovulation would be around the 14 th or 15 th of August (which is 14 days before the beginning of the next Menstrual Period)

Similarly, Lady B, whose cycle lasts 40 days, got her period on 1 st of August and her next period starts on 9 th of September, then her ovulation would be around the 26 th or 27 th of August (which is 14 days before the beginning of the next Menstrual Period)

Other signs of Ovulation

The cervical mucous becomes very thin and clear resembling raw egg white

Onset of sharp or dull aching pain in the right or left part f your abdomen which lasts 12-26 hours

Of course, you can use a Home ovulation predictor kit to determine the time of ovulation. A simple urine test kit available at chemists and can predict ovulation 24-36 hours in advance.

It is best to have intercourse on a regular basis in and around your ovulation time. Doctors suggest having intercourse every 24-48 hours during ovulation. If you do get pregnant in a cycle, you should be able to know using a pregnancy kit in the next month. I used a pregnancy kit a week after I expected my periods and I saw those two beautiful red lines.

How to scientifically predict ovulation

Many people have to know

In general, normal women of childbearing age ovarian monthly discharge of an egg, if not fertilized, the eggs in 12 to 24 hours after ovulation will be degraded, and the sperm in the female reproductive tract generally live for 3 to 5 days, so in 3

5 days before ovulation ovulation within 1 days after intercourse is easy pregnancy.

Determination of urinary LH

At present, the market has a strip of this test of urine LH (or predict ovulation test) for sale.

LH urine test strip and pregnancy test strip like.

The advantages and disadvantages

This is a kind of the existing prediction methods of ovulation accurately, is relatively simple, the only drawback may be expensive.

Schedule estimation method is generally used for women with regular menstrual cycles, their ovulation usually occurs within 14 days before the next menstruation.

35 days are normal).

A: the female menstrual cycle is stable

According to the days of the menstrual cycle has been recorded (record time, correct the higher) calculated the average days of their menstrual cycle, minus 14 days, the number is from the first day of menstruation is the assumed date of ovulation.

B: the menstrual cycle is not stable, but the shortest period and the longest period of difference is not great

Of course, if your menstruation is the shortest and longest menstrual cycle is not very large, can also be through the formula to calculate the fertile period or safety period:

The last day of the shortest cycle days before -19= safe period

The last day of the longest period of pregnancy -10= days

Such as: in the past, the shortest period recorded for 26 days, the longest period of 32 days, should be 26-19=7 days, 7 days before the period of safety period, eighth days into the easy pregnancy; 32-10=22 days, twenty-second day period is the last day of easy pregnancy.

22 days for easy pregnancy.

The advantages and disadvantages

Calculate the prediction of ovulation schedule no urine LH test is accurate, but the method is simple, easy to master, do not have to spend money, the commonly used method is still relatively good.

Observation of cervical mucus

Controlled by the hormone secretion of cervical mucus on the basis of the change with the menstrual cycle, so we can through the observation of cervical mucus, to speculate the possible date of ovulation.

Menstruation just ended when estrogen levels are relatively low, the cervical mucus is white or yellow, less sticky, like dry paste, the vagina outside the vagina is slightly moist, dry, underwear will not stick to any mucus, no wet and slippery feeling.

2 days less sticky, like dry paste, this is not easy to conceive.

A, a pregnant rule

During the menstrual cycle, with cervical mucus days again, especially in the cervical mucus is clear, flexible and smooth when.

B, contraceptive rule

The menstrual period, vaginal bleeding period should avoid intercourse; cervical mucus dry period may be the next night again; once the cervical mucus should avoid intercourse, until the re drying three whole day (fourth night) to her.

The advantages and disadvantages

Schedule and calculation method is the same, the cervical mucus observation method is relatively simple and easy to master, and economic application.

TIPS: Observation of cervical mucus problems should be paid attention to

1, observe the cervical mucus from the beginning of the menstrual cycle began, should be carried out several times a day, can be used to wake up, before taking a bath and urinate in front of the opportunity, take the check from the vaginal mucus, not into the vagina.

2, check the cervical mucus could not be in the same room before.

In 3, cervical mucus, never easy pregnancy and easy pregnancy to easy pregnancy is increasing, but not absolute.

Ovulation is relatively safe, and there is no harm to the follicle, ready for pregnant women can be assured.

Generally in the menstrual cycle of eighth days, every day a B-monitoring, if not the developing follicles, can every other day; follicles 10 mm in diameter at a daily check, until the ruptured follicle ovulation date.

The advantages and disadvantages

This method is more accurate.

Basal body temperature measurement

The basal body temperature measurement to determine whether the changes of women’s ovulation is based on periodic basis temperature.

During the menstrual cycle before ovulation, basal body temperature is relatively low, after ovulation, in under the action of progesterone can make the basis of temperature rise 0.3 degrees Celsius than before ovulation, this rise can be directly elevated or within a few days was stepped up in a day.

1, from the sixth day of the menstrual cycle, but if every measurement, short menstrual cycle (25 days), it should be measured from the period of first days.

To put the thermometer thrown to 35 DEG 2, the night before, and disinfection treatment within reach.

3, in the morning of the second day sleep guarantee 6

8 hours, or at least 4 hours after sleeping with oral thermometer; oral temperature measurement; don’t stand up, before the measurement do not eat or drink, not to get up to urinate immediately after the measurement, the measurement temperatures measured on the chart, a curve and numerical before the measured.

4, the basal body temperature was stepped slowly rising women, based on 3 consecutive days of high temperature can rise before 6 days (6 days before the rise in body temperature chart, if one day the body temperature is high, can be deleted, but not by the 2 day temperature) above average temperature of 0.2 DEG C, at this time. Easy to conceive.

5, if you want to contraception of women, and that he is ill, we should indicate in the basal body temperature chart, and to avoid intercourse to burn back 3 days.

The advantages and disadvantages

Needs to be pointed out that the basal body temperature measurement can only suggest that ovulation has occurred, but can not predict ovulation when it happened, because we never know if tomorrow your basal body temperature will rise, thus unable to determine the safe period.

TIPS: contraceptive notes

It is worth noting that, if one day the higher temperature began to rise 6 days before the average temperature is 0.2 degrees, this day is the first day of fever, from this day in first, second, third (second days and third days, the temperature must be maintained at a high level).

Ovulation Questions

Ovulation is the release of an egg from a woman’s ovary, and occurs each month for most women. If the released egg is fertilized and successfully implants, it results in a pregnancy.

When is Ovulation?

When is ovulation exactly? This can be difficult to predict, but ovulation typically occurs approximately 12-16 days before a woman’s next period begins. Most women have cycles that are in the 26-32 day range and so for most women, ovulation happens around the midpoint of their cycles. However the exact timing of ovulation can vary from one cycle to the next.

Why is It Important to Know When Do I Ovulate?

It is important to understand when ovulation occurs because this is the key factor in getting pregnant and preventing pregnancy. CycleBeads works as an ovulation calendar, helping you identify the days during which ovulation can occur as well as the potentially fertile days around ovulation when pregnancy is possible.

When Can I Get Pregnant Relative to Ovulation?

A woman can get pregnant in the days leading up to ovulation and in the 24 hours after ovulation occurs. Click here to learn more about when do you ovulate and when you can get pregnant.

How Do CycleBeads Work as an Ovulation Calendar?

CycleBeads and the CycleBeads apps work like an ovulation calendar in that they let a woman clearly see which days of her cycle she can get pregnant and which days pregnancy is unlikely. In fact all of these tools include an ovulation calendar view (in the case of the physical CycleBeads a calendar in included which a woman marks while on the apps and online service, a calendar view is automatically updated). The family planning method on which these tools are based, takes into account the timing of ovulation, the days around ovulation when a woman can get pregnant, and the likely variability of the timing of ovulation from one cycle to the next. It identifies a woman’s potentially fertile days as day 8-19 of her cycle. These 12 days are based on when is ovulation likely to occur, and how many days before and after ovulation, a woman can get pregnant.

CycleBeads® and Standard Days Method® are trademarks of Georgetown University. CycleBeads and iCycleBeads are patented products based on the scientifically proven Standard Days Method of family planning, manufactured and distributed by Cycle Technologies under license. Models used for illustrative purposes. © Cycle Technologies, 2002-2018. site by Three of Change

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