Post lunch blood sugar test during pregnancy

25 Printable Blood Sugar Charts [Normal, High, Low]

Regular testing their blood sugar at home is something people with diabetes must do. Also known as blood glucose, blood sugar refers to the sugar transported via the bloodstream that supplies energy to all body cells. The food we eat makes up the sugar in our body. Using a blood sugar chart, diabetes patients can perform a blood sugar test. The amount of glucose in your blood is what a blood sugar test measures. Usually, carbohydrate foods make the glucose in our blood. The main source of energy used by the body is glucose. The cells of your body use the glucose with the help a hormone called insulin. When the glucose amount in the blood rises, insulin produces in the pancreas and then releases into the blood.

How well you control your blood sugar levels determines the success of your diabetes treatment. If you’ve recently got tested for blood sugar levels, use blood sugar chart to control your blood sugar. Over time, you’ll understand how sugar level fluctuates and how you can manage the condition. Depending on the test type, descriptions of blood sugar values in mg/dl are what the chart provides.

The three categories mentioned on the chart are normal, early diabetes and established diabetes while the test types include Glucose Tolerance, post-prandial, random blood, and fasting sugar. Finally, the ranges on the chart include the minimum value, the maximum value and value two hours after consuming glucose. Let’s now take a detailed look at blood sugar test and blood sugar chart.

Blood Sugar Charts

Understanding the test and chart of blood sugar

Before we discuss blood sugar test and blood sugar chart, it’s important to understand blood sugar first. Serving as energy for both plants and animals, glucose is a form of sugar. Normal levels are maintained with the help of a hormone that pancreas produces. That hormone is known as insulin. Health complications such as kidney disease, heart disease, and blindness are what high or uncontrolled sugar levels can lead to. Also, hyperglycemia occurs when the concentration of glucose in the blood increases. The best way to control glucose in the blood and blood sugar levels is using blood sugar chart and test. With the help of the chart and test, you can avoid a lot of health complications.

A blood sugar test reveals the blood sugar level of an individual. Somewhere between 72 mg/dl and 108 mg/dl is the normal blood glucose level of a healthy person. However, the normal blood glucose level depends on the individual. Generally, around 72 mg/dl is the blood sugar level in humans. However, the blood sugar level may temporarily increase to 140 mg/dl after a meal: this is a normal range. How well your diabetes program of exercising, meal planning, and medication (if required) is working to keep you range normal is what blood sugar testing helps you to determine. The closer you keep your blood sugar level to normal, the greater will be your chances of avoiding health complications such as nerve disease, blindness and kidney disease.

In order to find out the blood sugar levels of a person and whether he or she has diabetes, a blood sugar levels chart is used. Normal blood sugar chart outlines the normal blood sugar ranges for a diabetic and non-diabetic person. In order to determine what the health target of a person should be, a physician uses a blood sugar chart. Furthermore, the chart is used by the patient or physician to manage the blood glucose condition.

During the day, the levels may drop and rise. This is a normal occurrence. However, your blood sugar levels may indicate problems if they fluctuate dramatically. Significant physical symptoms are what dramatic blood sugar levels have. Furthermore, they’ll increase the risk of complications related to diabetes. Before, you get your blood sugar tested or start using blood sugar chart, it’s important for you to know what each blood sugar test type does.

How to reduce fasting blood sugar level during pregnancy?

Lately, I have been receiving a lot of queries and comments from my readers. They all want to know How to reduce fasting blood sugar level during pregnancy? So here is a post on How to reduce fasting blood sugar level during pregnancy. Read on..

What is fasting sugar?

Fasting Blood Sugar is the level of sugar found in blood early in the morning, before consumption of any food. Where post prandial sugar levels depend on the food that you consume, fasting blood sugars depend on various factors.

  • Over all hepatic output of glucose over night. ( The liver produces glucose to carry involuntary body process at night when we are inactive. )
  • The amount of glucose produced indirectly depends on Your Evening snack and dinner (hence desserts are better avoided in the later half of the day) , Stress levels (which are usually high in pregnancy ), and your Over all blood sugar control.

So now that we know the reasons that attribute to fasting sugar, we can control the fasting blood sugar by keeping a watch on these causative factors. let us see in details about how to reduce fasting blood sugar level during pregnancy.

How to reduce fasting blood sugar level during pregnancy?

  • Evening / Post Dinner Walks
  • Check your evening meal’s / Dinner’s nutritional content
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Bed time snack
  • Apple cider vinegar

Here are some tips that will help you in decreasing fasting blood sugar levels during pregnancy.

Evening / Post Dinner Walks

Waling helps great deal in controlling blood sugar levels. The timing of walking plays a specific role in lowering a blood sugar levels. For fasting blood sugars, It is advisable to walk in the evening or late nights. Walking at this time regulates insulin that works for longer and hence can control the mid night rise in blood sugars.

Walking for 20 mins in regular to slow speed is helpful in bringing down fasting blood sugar levels in pregnancy.

Check your evening meal’s / Dinner’s nutritional content

It is best to avoid simple carbs, sweet drinks, fruit juices, sugar, refined carbs like maida, bread, pasta in the later part of the day. Eating healthy carbs for dinner is a must. You can include

  • Multigrain rotis
  • Brown rice
  • Whole wheat flour rotis
  • Broken wheat daliya
  • Quinoa
  • Whole wheat dosa
  • Ragi Balls /dosa
  • You can add Green leafy vegetables like spinach, methi or bottle gourd, ridge gourd, bhindi etc to go with it. add proteins in the form of chicken, fish, eggs, Mung dals, paneer or Curd (if it suits you). You can check a detailed diet plan – Indian diet plan for gestational diabetes.

    Drink plenty of water

    Hydration is very important when it comes to diabetes and specially during gestational diabetes. pregnant women have very concentrated urine, and hence the urine is dark yellow in colour. Diluted urine decreases the risk on vaginal infections during pregnancy. It is very important that i mention to you that dehydration can also trigger contractions and cause pre term labour.

    Bed time snack

    Here are some snacks that can be consumed as a healthy bed time snack ;

  • Almond butter with 2 whole wheat crackers
  • Peanut butter with 2 whole wheat crackers
  • Soaked almonds – 10 pieces and 2 walnuts
  • 1 cup yogurt with chia seeds
  • Boiled eggs – 2
  • Tomato – 1 cubed and grated cheese – 1 cube
  • Roasted almonds – 10 – 15 pieces
  • A bed time snack is very very important in all category of diabetics. It not only decreases your fasting blood sugar level but also decreases the risk of developing hypoglycemia at night. Hypoglycemia can be fatal.

    Apple cider vinegar

    This is practically tried and tested. a lot of my clients with gestational diabetes have benefited from drinking 1-2 tsp of apple cider vinegar at bed time. But i must warn you, take it for 2-4 days and check if it suits your stomach. if at all you feel acidity at night please discontinue this.

    Hope you have found the answer to how to reduce fasting blood sugar level during pregnancy? here are some more articles that could be of help to you.

    Now that i have mentioned all tips about how to reduce fasting blood sugar level during pregnancy. I hope these tips help you. Do mention your query in t he comments so that we can help you further.

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    How to Control Blood Sugar Level in Pregnancy

    Whether you have diabetes before you become pregnant or you develop gestational diabetes, it is important to control your blood sugar levels during pregnancy. Working closely with your medical team, you should use proper diet and moderate exercise to help keep your blood sugar levels in check. If diet and exercise can’t bring your blood glucose levels under control on their own, your doctor may prescribe medication such as metformin or insulin injections.

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