Pelvic pressure and lower back pain in pregnancy

Pelvic pressure and lower back pain in pregnancy

It’s no secret that pregnancy can make a woman feel uncomfortable like nothing else on Earth. From achy legs to sore feet and right through to daily back pain, the toll pregnancy takes on the body is pretty huge. And it’s not only the extra weight that causes problems, but also the way in which the body changes shape and produces so many more hormones at the same time. Of all the discomfort suffered however, perhaps the most common of all is pelvic pain and pressure. Read on to learn how you can deal with this problem.

Pelvic Pressure During Pregnancy

As unfortunate as it may be, pressure and discomfort are natural and normal effects of pregnancy. As far as pelvic pain and pressure go, it’s all down to the position and weight of your baby –you’re carrying six to seven pounds of excess weight in an area that’s usually free and clear, which in turn makes pressure inevitable. The feeling of pressure in and around the uterus grows as your baby develops, to such an extent that it can become genuinely painful.

In order to accommodate the growing baby within, the uterus has to likewise grow larger. This in turn reduces the amount of space available in the surrounding area and puts a great deal more pressure on the pelvic region. In addition, pelvic ligaments are stretched during pregnancy which can likewise add to the feeling of pressure and pain.

By the 36 th week of pregnancy, the fetus will have reached the lowest part of the sternal bone, which is precisely why this is the time at which pain and pressure tend to peak. The compression of blood vessels and nerves at this stage of the pregnancy also adds to the feelings of discomfort.

When to Worry

As a certain level of pain and pressure is normal, it’s important to understand where to draw the line and when to be concerned enough to seek help regarding pelvic pressure during pregnancy. This is especially true in early pregnancy as most pelvic pressure and discomfort should be felt in the later months. In general, any sharp pains that feel like your pelvis is squeezing should be investigated as they may be early labor contractions. Other danger signs to be on the lookout for include vaginal bleeding or any excess secretion of fluid, cramping or pain accompanying the pressure. If you’re concerned that you baby is either moving abnormally in the womb or has stopped moving as much as he/she used to, it’s also worth having yourself checked out.

You’ll need to have a physical examination in order to ensure everything is as it should be, so book the necessary consultation with your OB/GYN.

How to Deal with Pelvic Pressure During Pregnancy

There are many things that you can do to relive pelvic pressure during pregnancy:

Pelvic pressure and lower back pain in pregnancy

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Treating Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy Trimesters

Lower back pain during pregnancy is a common complaint of every pregnant woman since it is an inevitable part and parcel of pregnancy. Some women experience back pain only towards the end of their pregnancy term, while others may have to bear with it right from the first trimester. Some women are also known to experience back pain for several months after delivery.

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Furthermore, the hormone relaxin that flows freely through the blood stream during pregnancy starts loosening the ligaments in the pelvic region in anticipation of childbirtht This causes the bones to move slightly, out of alignment and this in turn leads to lower back paini As the uterus expands and the baby continues to grow, the ligaments that hold the uterus in place tend to get stretchede Hence, mild abdominal pain and back pain is experiencede The pressure exerted on the pelvic floor muscles is also bound to affect the normal functioning of the bodyd As the pregnancy progresses, weight gain is expectede The tummy begins to grow outwards and this alters the expectant woman's centre of gravityt In order to balance herself, the woman tilts backwards while working, walking or sittingn

This causes an inapt change in posture resulting in lower back pain during pregnancy, second trimestere The third trimester sees a larger increase in weight and hence, the problem of lower back pain during pregnancy, third trimester worsensn In addition to these factors, the uterus tends to exert pressure on the sciatic nerve in the back as it becomes larger and heaviere This more often than not, is responsible for sharp lower back pain during pregnancyc The pressure exerted on this crucial nerve is also known to result in pain in the buttocks, thighs and sometimes even travels down the legsg At times, it may even cause either left side lower back pain during pregnancy or right side lower back pain during pregnancy depending on the impact of the pressurer Stretches for lower back pain during pregnancy may be beneficial but it is always better to start an exercise schedule only after consulting your doctor with regard to the samem Towards the end of the 40 week long term, cramping and lower back pain during pregnancy must be expectede This could be a sign of labor and must not be ignorede

Pelvic Pain during Pregnancy

Causes of pelvic pain

It’s obvious, baby’s growing and so are you. As your pregnancy progresses toward its end stage, you may notice pressure or pain in your pelvic area. Sometimes it’s an ache in the pelvic bones. Sometimes it’s pressure in the lower pelvis and vagina. Both are uncomfortable and can be scary.

Round ligaments can cause pelvic pain:

As your uterus grows larger during pregnancy, you may experience a dull ache or a sharp, piercing pain in your groin or pelvic area. This pelvic pain is caused by the round ligaments and called round ligament pain.

The round ligaments are strong bands of tissue that support your growing uterus. These bands of support tissue attach to the top uterus and run down to into the vagina where they attach.

Pressure on the pelvic bones by the enlarging uterus:

As pregnancy progresses the uterus continues to enlarge and move deeper into the pelvis. This places more and more pressure on the pelvis and vagina, giving you a pressure sensation that may sometimes be described as pelvic pain.

“Lightning” (baby drops into pelvis):

Pelvic pressure is very common after the baby drops into the pelvis. You many start to waddle when walking. Walking may become uncomfortable and cause pelvic pain.

Braxton-Hicks contractions:

Braxton-Hicks contractions are early labor pains and they are the way your body prepares for childbirth. Most women experience Braxton-Hicks as menstrual like cramping or brief tightening in the lower abdomen and pelvis. Braxton-Hicks contractions do result in pelvic discomfort or pain.

Pregnancy Health Section

Bladder infection:

You may have a urinary tract infection causing pelvic pressure and pain. Because the frequent urge to urinate is often a regular pregnancy symptom, you may not even know that you have a urinary tract infection.

Preexisting groin hernias:

A hernia in your groin may become more symptomatic for the first time during pregnancy. A groin hernia can cause pelvic discomfort, and feels similar to the round ligament pain.

Increase mobility of pelvic joints:

Pregnancy increases mobility of pelvic joints and makes the pelvic area vulnerable to pain. Tylenol will give you some relief from the pain, but it will be a persistent discomfort until after delivery.

Pubic symphysis separation:

The front bone of the pelvis is the pubic symphysis. In pregnancy the bone separates from the surround pelvic bones and can causes severe pelvic pain, and tenderness.

Pelvic girdle pain:

Pelvic pain during pregnancy that is mainly felt in your lower back and anal region is caused by the sacroiliac joint. It has been described as a stabbing pain in the buttocks and felt as far down as the knee. The pain is worsening with weight-bearing and comes and goes with many pain-free intervals.

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