Pederson prognostically bad signs of pregnancy

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29 April 2014

Early signs of pregnancy

I don’t know how to start this topic. Once I start sharing the signs and symptoms of pregnancy, I cannot stop this topic because there are a lot of signs and symptoms we call tell about pregnancy. So here I am writing some important signs of pregnancy. You can do this as a checklist to confirm that you are becomes a “MOM”.

Let us see below what are the common and important signs and symptoms of pregnancy.

1. Missing period- The absence of period is known as Amenorrhea. Amenorrhea is the first and main indicator of pregnancy. But it does not mean you are pregnancy. Sometimes amenorrhea happens due to some hormonal changes, stress, some other physical problems etc.

2. Nausea/Vomiting – Nausea and Vomiting after amenorrhea means you are conceived. Now you can start dreaming your baby. This nausea comes in morning during the first trimester (first 3 months). So we called it as “Morning Sickness”. Rarely some peoples may not suffer this morning sickness. But remember this nausea occurs due to the increase of HCG hormone level in the body. Drink a plenty of water and eat fruits contains citric acid (orange, Lemon) to reduce the risk of dehydration due to vomiting.

3. Tenderness in nipple and breast– Swollen breast and nipple tenderness is the next important symptoms of pregnancy. The breast will be very sensitive during the first trimester. The shape of the breast will change.

4. Darkening Areola– the color of the areola will get more dark or brown and the size become more wide

5. Vaginal discharge – there is a white or yellowish sticky discharge comes out from the vagina. Don’t worry about this. It’s very common in pregnancy. You should thoroughly wash your vagina always and make its clean to avoid infections. You should consult with a doctor is your discharge has foul smell.

6. Weight Gain– weight gain occurs due to the growth of embryo because you may feel more hungry when you are pregnant. Do some small exercises and do a morning walk to avoid the accumulation of cholesterol in blood. Eat green leafy vegetables and fruits. But you must avoid some food which will abort your pregnancy.

7. Do Home Pregnancy test- Cheap and best way to confirm your pregnancy. Urine Pregnancy Test Strip (UPT strip) is easy to use and easily available in medical shops. It’s not costly (Rs-50-60) around 1$. You can use it in your home itself

8. More Hunger: Now you uterus has carrying your embryo and the embryo started growing. So your body needs more calories. The brain will send impulse of hunger. You will feel to eat some of your favorites. Mouthwatering feeling. But remember one thing; you should eat only healthy foods.

9. Smell sensitivity-this is also one of the common symptoms of the pregnancy. You will get more irritate to some smells like smell of fish, cooking oil, nail polish, petrol, smell of hot pan, etc. Ignore those situations to avoid nausea or vomiting.

10. Frequent Urination– in pregnancy you will get frequent micturition (Urination). It’s quite common and natural. Frequent urination causes a high reduction of your blood pressure. So drink lemon juice made by salt 2 times a day to keep your blood pressure stable.

11. Mild or severe headache– due to some of the hormonal changes inside the body, you will feel headache during the pregnancy. But you should not take any drugs for head ache if you are having above mention symptoms. Consult a doctor and take an advice from your doctor

12. Weakness– weakness is very common in pregnancy. But now you may think that I told that in pregnancy you will get hungrier, then how come you feel weakness… Big doubt!! But I will give you simple answer.. As I said you will get hungry, but didn’t say you will eat. so eat more to avoid weakness

13. Mood Changes Frequent urination– No need to worry if you are getting angry or depression. Feel free always. Mood changes are very common in pregnancy. No need of any “mediCAtions”, but “mediTAtions” helps to reduce your mood changes. Engage in your hobbies, listening music, reading books, gardening etc to keep your mind to cool to get a healthy baby

14. Feeling sick– most of the women feels sick due to lack of immune power. To overcome this, you should eat well and sleep well. Feeling sick is very bad in pregnancy. You must do a planning before pregnancy to avoid this problem. If you don’t know how to plan and prepare for pregnancy, read this

15. Spotting: Lot of peoples says spotting in pregnancy is bad symptoms. It’s a sign of abortion. But do not think and believe it. Spotting without cramping is a good sign of healthy pregnancy. Spotting is very common in pregnancy. When embryo attaches to the wall of uterus, uterus sheds some drops. Be alert the color of spotting. It should be dark brown

Feel free to ask doubts. Comments box are always empty for you to ask queries and share our opinion. Give comments and suggestions.

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Is No Symptoms A Bad Sign

Hi i was wondering if anyone had an iui and not have any symptoms during the 2ww and was pregnant because i had an iui friday june 16th and have had no cramping or anything after the iui and i have read alot of people having symptoms such as cramping 4 or 5 days after iui but i have had none of that and have had no spotting or anything after iui so please any advice would be helpful

Has this happened to anyone? i am really worried that iui didnt work

I have not had a iui, but i know that you dont always have symptoms when you get pregnant. Every woman is different and every pregnancy is different. Having no symptoms is not a bad sign(i think your lucky when you have no symptoms).

Thank you i still have a ways to go before i can test so hopefully everything will turn out ok trying to stay positive but its hard to do i was ttc so that i could give my mother in law another grandchild before she died she has cancer in her bones and has been going everyday for radiation treatments and just got a call that it wasnt looking good because they want the family with her and they kept her in the hospital so i hope she is going to be able to make it until i have a baby this will be my first if i am pregnant this 2ww is hard thanks for answering me i really appreciate it

Slowpoke, So sorry to hear about your mil. It is a hard thing to go through, I lost my dad two yrs ago to cancer, and he died when my ds was 5mos old. And now he has two more grandbabies he never got a chance to meet. It’s really hurtful that my kids wont ever have a chance to know there grandfather, but i will do my best to let them know him by words, stories and pictures. Anyway forgive me for rattiling on like this. But i hope you are pregnant and she makes it long enough to see your baby.

Honestly, I didn’t notice symptoms at ALL until I looked back on everything. 🙂 The "symptoms" I had didn’t seem like any big deal. I just thought I was going crazy (litterally). even got a listing of the local therapists so I could try and figure out why I was so stressed out and WHY I couldn’t cope with the smallest things. lol. SO, if you turn into a maniac, well, I guess that will be a sign!! (Hopefully you won’t, though, as I’m driving my dh nutty) Seriously didn’t correlate the two things, though, until my AF was late 2 weeks.

Athank you for your replies you have made me feel alot better about not having any symptoms i really appreciate the answers and knowing that i still have a chance thanks again

Slowpoke, have you had any symptoms yet? Just curious. I’m 7-8dpo and I’ve just had a few symptoms but they aren’t particularly convincing. Wait wait wait, that’s all I feel like I’ve been doing lately.

Don’t fret, I was already 7 weeks before I started to get symptoms. Trust me, when baby is ready he/she will let you know, "Mommy, I’m here!" You’ll be knocked off your feet with symptoms! Good Luck!

My cla__sic pregnancy symptoms didnt kick in until the day my AF was due. so. no symptoms. still ok.

Slowpoke01, I just got my BFP monday, and I had no idea the few symptoms I had were because I was pg. I thought af was getting ready to come any minute, then I started looking at my chart and realized how long my temps had been up. I asked on here why I hadn’t started yet, because the thought of being pg this time around honestly had never crossed my mind. I am 6 weeks now, and am still having very few symptoms, and when I do notice something it hasn’t been sticking around. I am on day 2 with no morning sickness, my bb’s aren’t sore, I am not overly tired or cranky any more either. So don’t give up hope, no symptoms is definatly not bad.


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