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Leukocytes In Urine During Pregnancy: Causes And Treatment

During pregnancy, your OB/GYN will order urine investigations rather frequently, at practically each prenatal appointment. It helps detect the presence of any abnormality and the doctor can start the appropriate treatment immediately. Occasionally, the urine may contain leukocytes or WBCs.

The presence of leukocytes in the urine is not normal. Usually, it is seen in women who complain of itching and burning during urination.

Causes Of Leukocytes In Urine During Pregnancy

The commonly seen causes for the appearance of leukocytes in the blood are:

  • Urinary tract infection: A urinary tract infection causes leukocytes to appear in the urine.

Treatment For Leukocytes In Urine

When WBCs manifest in the urine your doctor will ask you to carry out few other tests and investigations to understand the specific cause for their appearance in the urine. Once the cause has been established, he will start the treatment regimen.

  • Antibiotics need to be taken to deal with urinary tract infections. Also, make sure that you drink plenty of fluids and water and keep your system flushed. Follow up investigations are important as well.
  • In case of pyelonephritis, your doctor will prescribe a stronger dose of antibiotics to tackle the situation successfully. Pyelonephritis needs to be treated without delay in order to avert preterm labor and premature rupture of the membranes.
  • Maintaining strict levels of hygiene is most crucial. Always cleanse the area with a hygienic wipe, from front to back.

The presence of leukocytes in urine is an indication of an infection in the urinary system. Urinary system consists of bladder, ureters, urethra and kidneys and the presence of leukocytes can be detected with the help of urinalysis. Leukocytes is the medical term used for white blood cells and they protect the body from infections and bacteria. The presence of these cells in urine is a clear indication of bacterial invasion in the urinary system. This bacteria can affect the bladder region and the kidney leading to severe health complications. 0-10 lev/vl of leukocytes in urine is considered as normal and anything above this range is an indication of underlying health complications.

The presence of leukocytes in urine can be due to the following reasons.

  • Kidney Infections:Pyelonephritis is a kind of kidney infection that can result in this condition. This is an infection that usually occurs in the urinary tract and then gradually spreads to the kidneys. This is most commonly seen in people suffering from poor immune system.
  • Bladder Infections: These infections are also known as Cystitis which is caused due to the inflammation of the ureters and urinary tract. This condition can lead to the condition of leukocytes in urine.
  • Blockage of Urinary Tract: This can result in causing hematuria which is the presence of blood in urine. This can be due to the presence of tumor, trauma, prostate hypertrophy, pelvis, bladder or kidney stones and due to unwanted foreign bodies present in the tract.
  • Pregnancy: Many women experience leukocytes and protein in urine during their pregnancy. This contamination usually happens through the vagina leading to this condition.
  • Sexual Intercourse: This is considered as another cause which leads to the presence of white blood cells in urine. This happens when the bacteria gets massaged into urethra.
  • Holding Urine for Long: This can lead to the presence of white blood cells in urine and it usually occurs due to the over stretching of the urinary bladder. Holding urine for longer period of time can weaken the bladder and will not be able to empty it completely. The left over urine results in the formation of bacteria causing infection in the bladder and the urinary tract.

The following are a few symptoms that indicate the presence of white blood cells in urine

  • Frequent urination
  • Foul smelling urine
  • Bladder tumor
  • Blood in urine
  • Painful or burning sensation and
  • Fever or shivering

The treatment for this condition depends on the cause completely. Antibiotics can be used as they help in clearing the infections. Consult a doctor immediately if the symptoms remain for a longer period of time.

Leukocytes in Urine

  • Kidney inflammation
  • Bladder tumor or systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE)
  • Fever and shivering
  • Frequent urination
  • Blood in urine
  • Burning and painful sensation while urinating
  • Foul-smelling, cloudy urine

Treatment for leukocyte levels in urine primarily depends on the cause of the infection. A course of antibiotics works well in clearing up the infection. By avoiding the above mentioned situations, if at all possible, one can surely prevent UTI and the presence of extra white blood cells in urine to fight the infection itself. But if the infection becomes extremely severe, it’s recommended to consult a doctor for necessary treatment. In some cases, hospitalization may be required.



Leukocytes And Blood In Urine

Leukocytes and blood in urine – AZO Urinary

Leukocyte and endothelial adhesion molecules

Down – endothelial membrane

Yellow – PSGL-1 binding p-selectin

Red – integrin alpha x beta 2

Lymphocyte white blood cells or leukocytes

Leukocytes and blood in urine

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