Is dark red blood bad in early pregnancy

The color of urine during pregnancy: yellow, dark pink

The female body in the period of carrying a child undergoes various changes. One of them changed the color of the urine during pregnancy in the early stages. In addition to the natural process and harmless substances provoke the change of appearance of urine and capable of serious pathological changes. Mainly cause of problems are diseases of the urinary system. In any case, any change is a serious signal to the pregnant woman, which cannot be ignored.

Normal color of urine

During pregnancy, especially in early pregnancy, urine color should not be different from ordinary, observable before pregnancy, then there should remain a normal color. What color is the urine normal? The liquid takes on different shades of yellow at different times of day, morning — light, the straw, and in the evening — darker, the urine is hot, as always. Directly affect the color of the main symptom of pregnancy — morning sickness accompanied by vomiting, because the woman’s body is dehydrated. But this effect is easily avoided if you follow the water balance and drinking enough fluids.

The reasons for the change the shade of urine

Why is the shade of urine can change in the initial and later stages? In addition to dehydration, to provoke change can:

  • Medicines and multivitamins;
  • Diet women;
  • The change in the functioning of the kidneys;
  • The concentration of metabolites.

Bright yellow urine

Bright yellow urine during pregnancy, having a lemon color, it happens due to medications and vitamins. As a gynecologist appoints a woman therapy with folic acid and the use of multivitamin complexes, so the fetus develops normally, the situation for women often enough. The medicine to end is not absorbed by the tissues and excreted by the kidneys. Because the urine becomes bright yellow. In addition, this shade is called antibacterial agents based on nitrofurana. Of food bright yellow, slightly orange and rich yellow color of urine during pregnancy gives carrots and juice from it, as well as the pigment substance added to food.

Purchase dark urine, dark yellow color

Urine changes its color from yellow, orange to deep dark in the case, if the body dehydration. Dark urine during early pregnancy can occur if the girl is drinking enough fluids, it has increased the separation of the sweat during the hot period. Exhaustion is exacerbated in times of sickness and vomiting provoked them. In that case, if the urine in pregnant dark shade appears in the morning, it may not be the problem. Night, during sleep, the urine accumulates and the contents of metabolites in it increases, so physiologically constituted the urinary system. Slightly dark urine during pregnancy can occur in healthy patients.

Pink or red color urine

Shades of red and pink appear in the urinary fluid, if it is blood. This problem is characteristic of glomerulonephritis and pyelonephritis — kidney disease. In the period of carrying a child in women there is an infectious inflammation in chechnya. grozny system and the renal tubules. Glomerulonephritis is less common disease. It is manifested by facial swelling and high blood pressure in the arteries.

The appearance of blood in the fluid and then red urine is possible with travmatizatsii the walls of the ureters by stones stuck in them. Cystitis is the basis for the fact that the urine reddish. Pink urine in pregnancy or the urine red shades, in addition to diseases caused by food. Including red urine during pregnancy occurs due to the consumption of beets. This root vegetable for a few hours secreted human stain the liquid pink.

Brown urine or liquid green

Urine is of dark color, brown or green appears in a pregnant woman in that case, if you have gallbladder disease. The negative effect exerted on the urine, cause the hepatitis virus nature, or cholecystitis. In addition, the female body feels strong strain as it is responsible for the excretion of metabolites of fetal blood. In addition, that is distorted the hue of the liquid, added to other displays:

  • Yellowing of eyes and skin;
  • The irritation occurs on the skin;
  • Change color of feces;
  • Sleep problems;
  • The constant desire to cry.

Clouding of urine

Cloudy urine, the appearance of small particles, like cereal, says a woman has cystitis or urethritis. Then changes in the urine associated with increased accumulation of salts. The reason for this is poor nutrition. Because of this, urine can accumulate oxalates, phosphates, urate, formed after processing of the food, and they change its appearance. But remember that appearance is a secondary phenomenon, which deserves less attention in comparison with what women have inflammation develops in the urinary system. So the first thing you should take pregnant is to change the diet, visit the doctor and take a urine test.

Light urine

Too light shade of urine happens in diabetics. There is a particular subtype of diabetes that develops during pregnancy — gestational diabetes. If a woman experiences a constant feeling of thirst while there is dryness in the mouth and there is swelling, she probably has the disease. Treating the symptoms is recommended diuretics. Because of their exposure to the urine dilute, pale, becoming bright. During pregnancy urine color changed to light yellow also due to chronic kidney failure.

What to do if the color of the urine changed during pregnancy?

In that case, if the woman notices that the urine color changes, darkening or changing its composition, should consult a gynecologist and tell him about it. It is also important to remember about all the medicines and food, which were used until the color change of urine. The task of the doctor is gathering information about the patient’s condition, past illnesses, chronic problems. Thus, the doctor can diagnose and determine the true root cause of why there has been a change in urine color during pregnancy.

Does something change in the urinary system during pregnancy?

During pregnancy a women’s kidneys are under heavy load, as responsible for the allocation of metabolites not only their own, and the body of the fetus. Kidneys increase in size by 1.5−2 cm. Cup-pelvis-plating system expands due to increasing levels of progesterone. In the beginning of pregnancy and increased blood flow within the kidney and glomerular filtration in normal conditions they come only after a woman gives birth.


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