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Blood vessel

Any of the vessels, as arteries, veins, or capillaries, through which the blood circulates.

Origin of blood vessel

First recorded in 1685–95

Grammar Greats and Gaffes

  • Meanwhile I was bleeding tremendously, for he had cut a blood-vessel in my arm.'

Charles James Lever

Gerald Fitzgerald

  • Every blood-vessel was striving to grapple with the present.

    Garrison's Finish

  • When the ogress heard it she burst a blood-vessel (in her heart) and died.

    Thomas Frederick Crane

    Italian Popular Tales

  • “The poor fellow must have broken a blood-vessel, sir,” said Raby.

    The Pirate of the Mediterranean

  • The injury referred to was the bursting of a blood-vessel in the lungs.

    Deep Down, a Tale of the Cornish Mines

  • What to do if you burst a blood vessel on his hands

    Ordinarily the bruises on her arms and legs appear as a result of injuries or shock. Actually a visible bruise or hematoma is bleeding under the skin, the cavity, where the accumulated liquid or coagulated blood. Well, to get into the subcutaneous fat, the blood may be the only way: if a blood vessel burst.

    However, burst blood vascular in hands and feet for a variety of reasons.

    The clinical picture

    In the good condition of blood vascular even a significant strike does not always cause a hematoma. The walls of healthy veins and capillaries flexible and able not only to survive, but also to some extent compensate for short-term pressure. The concern is bruising that occurs without a specific cause.

    Usually, this is not the first stage of the disease. But until you can answer why there’s bruising, disease try to ignore. In fact, a too rapid formation of bruises from an insignificant pressure, as well as unnecessarily large dimensions are a cause for alarm.

    Spontaneous bruising and petechiae – petechial hemorrhages, are formed by pressure jumps, as their own blood and air pressure, temperature extremes, strong emotions, stress or heavy loads. The phenomenon is unnatural and is the reason for a visit to the doctor.

    Absolutely do not wait for that to burst a vessel on his fingers or forearm. For seeking consultation is sufficient for the appearance of spider veins on the hands and feeling the chill even in the heat.

    The arteries of the hands.

    Symptoms and causes

    Blood vascular in the upper limbs are subjected to much less load than the lower ones. Of course, the hands of the person moves is much more active, but for vascular and joints work muscles on hands – more stimulation, not a burden. It is therefore important to separate accidental damage or due to external factors from the changes of internal.

    • If the vessel has burst amid heavy strength training, it is likely that the reason was the pressure surge. Should modify the training mode.
    • Infectious disease and exacerbation of chronic almost always lead to a weakening of the vessel walls and, consequently, brittle. Here especially to do nothing, quite conventional rehabilitation therapy.
    • Allergic diseases regardless of the source also provoke hanged breakage. Therefore, if the burst vessel on the fingers or forearms, you need to pay attention to household chemicals. It is possible that the new dishwashing detergent contains a substance that can cause an allergic reaction.
    • Traumatic effects on the skin peeling, prolonged sun exposure, frostbite or burn damage of blood vascular.
    • Well, the main reason for the weakening of capillaries, veins and arteries is the lack of vitamins C and P – ascorbic acid and rutin. There is a number of additional symptoms, allowing more accurate diagnosis. At the lowered tonus of the walls of the man constantly freeze, temperature of the lower limbs is low, may be even bluish discoloration of the skin. The bruising often occurs in winter and late autumn.

    By itself, vitamin deficiency can occur for different reasons. First, it is the lack of a menu of products containing a sufficient amount of C and P. second, infectious diseases in which vitamin C is used differently, and simply not delivered in the right quantities. Third, age-related changes, when the reduced digestibility of food.

    What to do in these cases, everyone knows it, the best remedy for a sore throat is considered a kilogram of oranges. Just need to increase activity eat fruits and vegetables.

    Diagnosis of the disease

    The fact that the vessel is exhausted without apparent physical effects – a sign of significant, but not the only one. In order to precisely establish the degree of damage, use such techniques.

    • The method of pinch – clamped the fold of skin between your thumb and forefinger in the chest and several times shifts to the fingers. Here the pressure on the skin is not so painful and any accidental damage is excluded. So if the clip appears hemorrhagic spot, the fragility of blood vascular has been significant.
    • The method of wiring is also used to determine the high degree of brittleness. On the middle part of the shoulder is applied a tourniquet to stop the outflow of venous blood, but not to disturb the inflow of arterial is a check of the radial pulse. If after removing the harness in this area appeared petechiae or below the burst vessel, the brittleness of the joints is very high and requires drug treatment.
    • The method of the hammer, the skin in the chest area, tapping with a hammer. The formation of hematoma confirms the diagnosis.

    Increased fragility of blood vascular rarely occurs by itself and is associated with other disorders. So before you call the treatment the patient is subjected to examination by other specialists.

    • The main drugs used to raise the tone of the walls, are vitamin complexes C and P – askorutin, rutin, Kapilar.
    • You should review the diet and to enrich the menu foods rich in these vitamins currant, chokeberry, rose.
    • Of physiological procedures shown hardening: alternate pouring hot and cold water. However, if the degree of breakage is large, and even this pressure drop provokes the appearance of bruising, hardening better temporarily postponed.
    • Physical exercise is an excellent way of prevention and treatment of fragility of the walls.
    • You should exclude Smoking. On the background of such a strong decongestants attempts to stimulate the tone of the walls is doomed to failure.

    If the vessel had burst for the first time in my life, the reason for adopting emergency measures, it is not yet. But if the appearance of hematomas and petechial hemorrhages became a regular phenomenon, should pay attention to the condition of the circulatory system. The fragility of blood vascular is often the only a consequence, and quite easily treatable.

    Burst blood vessels: causes and treatments

    Why burst a blood vessel on the body? This question is troubling every second person — a fact confirmed by the data of medical statistics. Grid vessels (telangiectasia) are dilated arteries, veins or capillaries located under the skin.

    The damaged vessels can have blue, red color, vary in shape (there are star-shaped, dendritic, often have the appearance of stains, hemangiomas).

    Risk factors

    Causes of vascular fragility:

    • The weakening of the walls of veins and capillaries, violation of their permeability.
    • Burst blood vessels in the legs due to prolonged stress on them.
    • Common causes of ruptured blood vessels — pregnancy, childbirth, use of oral contraception, abortion, ovarian cysts, fibroids, menopause and other phenomena, causing hormonal imbalance.
    • Endocrine disorders in women.
    • An improper diet.
    • The lack of exercise.
    • Bad habits.
    • Skin lesions that are caused by chemical peels, regular visits to the Solarium, frostbite, burns.
    • If the burst vein in the leg is the symptom of the initial stage of varicose veins.
    • Fragile blood vessels may be the result of heavy training (the result of changes in blood pressure).
    • Infection and viruses weaken the walls of blood vessels. After the treatment of the underlying disease, spider veins disappear on their own.
    • To promote the fragility of blood vessels in the fingers and toes can system pathology: diabetes, obesity, coronary artery disease, angina, atherosclerosis, hypertension.
    • The cause of the problem becomes allergic. So, when burst the blood vessels in the hands, it can be a reaction to household chemicals.
    • To determine the increased fragility of capillary walls and veins can a lack of vitamins P and C in the body. While there are such symptoms: chills, skin on the fingers and toes may turn blue. Hematoma on the background of deficiency of ascorbic acid and rutin are formed in autumn and winter.

    To eliminate the fragility of blood vessels helps symptomatic treatment (it is carried out in the hospital and at home). However, when hands burst a blood vessel in Association with a systemic disease, for example, a hormonal imbalance, they will be damaged again.

    The risk group includes people with «sedentary» work (drivers, teachers, office workers). Representatives of these professions is recommended at least every two hours to do a workout is to walk around the room, to perform a rotational motion with his hands, to do a few tilts back and forth and side to side.

    Signs and diagnosis

    For the installation the degree of vascular lesions using such techniques:

    • Pinch method: a fold of skin in the breast area should be clamped between your index and middle fingers. In this area specifically excludes accidental damage and pressure on the skin is not painful. If after the operations on the test area formed hemorrhagic spot, — the fragility of blood vessels significant.
    • The skin in the breast area must be knocked with a hammer. If after that there was hematoma — blood vessels weakened.
    • Method harness. The middle part of the shoulder harness rewind so that the outflow of venous blood was stopped, and blood is not broken. If after removing the harness in the survey area formed petechiae, degree of fragility of blood vessels is high, the patient requires treatment with medicines.

    When Troubleshooting problems with blood vessels, you need to pay attention to the following symptoms:

    • Dizziness.
    • The emergence of «stars» or black spots before the eyes with a sharp change in body position.
    • Even minor injuries result in broken capillaries on the fingers, forearms, ankles, etc.
    • Through the skin visible mesh of blood vessels.
    • Feeling a chill even in warm room.


    To strengthen the walls of blood vessels recommended:

    • To use such vitamin complexes: Rutin, Ascorutin, Kapilar (contain rutin and ascorbic acid).
    • To adjust the diet, enrich it with currants, rose hips, Aronia.
    • Hardening: alternately pour hot and cold water.
    • In the absence of regular physical activity should do at least morning exercises.
    • That burst a capillary or a vein, can be «guilty» of Smoking. If not eliminate nicotine, which is a vasoconstrictor substance perform drug or physiotherapeutic treatment of vascular fragility is useless.

    In modern clinics offer these procedures to solve the problem of increased fragility of blood vessels:

    • Microsclerotherapy (applies when the burst vein). In the vessels located under the skin using fine needles injected sclerosant (solution, glue the walls of the veins). Duration of one session is 30 to 90 minutes, the number of procedures due to the scale of the problem.
    • Damaged capillaries removed by laser.
    • ELOS-coagulation — innovation in aesthetic medicine. The basis of the procedure — technology applications of bipolar electrodes together with the laser light.

    All these methods provide only a cosmetic effect. To ensure that the bursting of the capillaries (the veins) will not reappear, it is impossible.

    Drug treatment of brittle veins, which include venotonic (sosudoukreplyayuschim drugs). Medications may be of plant origin or include hesperidin, diosmin, rutin, troxerutin and other synthetic components.

    Drugs diosmin is shown in the feeling of heaviness and cramps in the lower extremities.

    Drugs with the addition of troxerutin have anti-inflammatory effect. Typically, these funds are intended for external application, gels, ointments, creams.

    Products with rutin (called bioflavonoids) improve the elasticity of red blood cells.

    To cope with the problem of increased fragility of blood vessels help and folk remedies. The most popular ones are:

    • Bath with turpentine. Treatments help cleanse the blood vessels and strengthen their walls. Over time, dilated capillaries disappear.
    • Rubbing using the decoction of calendula. 1 Cup dried flowers plants pour the same amount of boiling water and infuse for 60 minutes. In the finished composition add 0.5 cups of rubbing alcohol. Method of application: rubbing the problem areas should be done 3 times a day.
    • 1 tablespoon of sea buckthorn oil mixed with 1 teaspoon starch. Slurry was applied to the injured area for 15-20 minutes, wash off with cold water.
    • A teaspoon of honey to combine with 2-3 drops of lemon juice. The mask helps to cope with the vascular mesh. It is applied on the affected area for 10 minutes, then wash off with warm water.
    • Vibrational therapy (exercise) and massage.

    Prevention of increased fragility of blood vessels includes:

    • Regulation of water balance (amount of water per day 2-2,5 liters).
    • Correction of the diet. It should include fresh vegetables, dairy products, lean meat, fish; you should eliminate cakes, sweets, fizzy drinks, mayonnaise; to limit the number of strong tea and coffee.
    • Hardening (wiping with a damp sponge, dousing with cold water).
    • Moderate, but regular physical activity (Hiking, swimming, fitness).
    • Hydrotherapy (contrast showers, bathtubs, hydro massage of limbs).
    • Avoidance of heavy lifting.
    • Selection of comfortable shoes.

    It should be remembered that the increased fragility of blood vessels — a sign of a systemic disorder. If broken capillaries (veins) have become commonplace, it is necessary to seek the assistance of phlebologist or vascular surgeon.

    Burst blood vessel

    Before you burst a blood vessel it is worth noting why I’m doing it — Прежде чем ты выйдешь из себя, дай мне объяснить, почему я это делаю

    When he asked his boss for more wages, the man almost burst a blood vessel — Когда он заикнулся насчет повышения зарплаты, то шефа чуть удар не хватил

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